We’ll see the Razer Phone 2 this year, but not at IFA

Razer Phone 2

With the first Razer Phone, the gaming hardware company has not managed as big a coup as hoped. The Razer Phone 2, which is already in development and is due to be released before the end of this year, promises a significant improvement.

The smartphone from gamers for gamers: that’s how the Razer Phone was pitched when it was introduced. The result was a device that was designed for gamers in certain areas, but was not completely convincing. Little more was left than another high-end smartphone with some special features such as the 120 Hz display.

As Chen Xiaoping, Vice President at Razer, has now confirmed at the Entertainment Expo China Joy, a successor is already being worked on. The manufacturer could launch the Razer Phone 2 towards the end of this year, as Xiaoping hints in an interview. But what to expect from the successor of the Razer Phone?

Technical specs step up for the Razer Phone 2

So far it is only confirmed that the Razer Phone 2 will be equipped with the latest Qualcomm chipset. The company’s vice president has already revealed this too. The question remains whether this means the already available Snapdragon 845 or perhaps the newer Snapdragon 855. The latter is to be manufactured using the 7nm process, which means it will be more energy-saving and powerful.

The Razer Phone offered few advantages over other high-end smartphones.

However, we think it is unlikely that 855 chip is already in the Razer Phone 2. In the past, Qualcomm always introduced its new top chip at the end of the year, but the first smartphones with the chip came out next year, in this case in 2019. That will probably also be the case this time.

Either way, the device should again have 8 GB RAM but this time finally a larger internal memory of at least 128 GB, which can be expanded again. The Razer Phone 2 is expected to have an even larger battery (4,500 mAh) than the first Razer Phone. In our opinion, the software can then also be further optimized so that the battery lasts longer even during intensive use and gaming on the smartphone.

Put in the jack connection please

Hopefully Razer will also accept criticism of his first own gaming smartphone. This included the manufacturer’s decision not to integrate a jack connection. It was not possible to charge the smartphone and play over headphones at the same time. No real alternative here are Bluetooth headsets, because many gamers rarely use these because of the audio delay, and with some games also causing interference of the audio playback.

Charging and connecting headphones at the same time was not possible with the Razer Phone.

But even then, the smartphone must offer more than every second high-end smartphone. Asus, for example, shows how to do it right with the ROG Phone. This offers for example connections on the side, so that they do not disturb in landscape format, 512 GB memory, a special cooling system and a suitable controller.

In a leak video making the rounds online, the next Razer Phone is assigned completely different technical data. Here we are talking about a 6.6 inch ultra wide display in 21:9 format with 144 Hz (without notch), a loudspeaker along the left long side. However, this information comes from a hitherto completely unknown source and can currently only be regarded as an attempt to attract attention.

Project Linda for the Razer Phone 2?

At CES 2018, Razer presented Project Linda, a new concept to combine smartphone and laptop, using the Razer Phone’s touchscreen as a laptop touchpad. Razer itself has plenty of laptop expertise thanks to its Blade range, and the ability to make use of a high-spec Razer Phone by turning it into a laptop is certainly exciting.

At the moment, Project Linda has yet to become a reality for the Razer Phone, but perhaps it could become one of the key features of its successor. With the emergence of more sophisticated docks and game streaming services, the convergence of high end smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs is happening, and the Razer Phone 2 would turn a few more heads with Project Linda on board.

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