Top 10 Everyday Things You're Consistently Doing Wrong


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We all have bad everyday habits, some of these things are unique to us, and some of these are collective. Luckily, you have us to point out some of the everyday things you do wrong and the simple life hacks that will help to resolve these. Here are a few things most of us have been consistently doing wrong.
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Featuring... Charging your phone - There are quite a few phone-charging myths doing the rounds. One of these is that you should let your battery get to the point of dying before you start to recharge it. Cutting a cake -Most of us cut our cakes in slices, which seems perfectly reasonable. How else would you cut a cake? Well, this cake hack will help. Holding your steering wheel - This driving hack is great for your safety. For years American driving instructors have been telling their students to keep their hands at the 10 and two o’clock positions on their steering wheels when driving. This was recommended in the past to compensate for cars without power steering. Going to the bathroom - This is one you probably thought you couldn’t get wrong, right? We’ve all been doing this fairly naturally since we left our diapers behind. Turns out practice has not made us perfect. Wearing earphones - There’s not a whole lot to wearing in-ear headphones, right? You just put them in your ears and wait for that Glee soundtrack to kick-in. Peeling a banana - This is an obvious example of humanity arrogantly ignoring Mother Nature. We all peel bananas by the stem. It’s unanimous. Using antiperspirant in the morning - This one might seem a little counter-intuitive at first, but stick with me: you shouldn’t be putting antiperspirant on in the morning. In fact, it’s most effective if you use it the night before. Washing your hair - Here’s one that could free up a little bit more time in your day: you probably shouldn’t be washing your hair on a daily basis. Applying moisturizer - When it comes to applying moisturizer most people go for the rubbing-the-cream-into-the-face method until the moisturizer has entirely disappeared. Pouring juice - the best way to pour juice will surprise you.

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