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Watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) Full Movie With Subtitles - After winning the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark return to their home of District 12, where President Snow — who is angered by the outcome of the last Hunger Games, visits Katniss at her home. The two make an agreement to not lie to one another, and Snow explains that her actions in the Games have inspired rebellion across the districts. He orders her to use the upcoming 'victory tour' to convince them (and him) that her actions were out of genuine love for Peeta, not defiance against the Capitol, otherwise Katniss's loved ones, and the whole district will be destroyed, 'just like District 13'. He shows her the clip where Gale Hawthorne kisses her, much to Katniss's surprise, as a warning that they are watching her.

On the tour's first day, which starts at District 11, Katniss and Peeta ignore the plotted speech and give the district's attending residents an inspiring speech regarding the victims of the last year's Hunger Games. As a sign of gratefulness and appreciation, the crowd returns them with the three-finger salute, which startles the Peacekeepers, resulting in the immediate public execution of an old man, who initiated the incident. Haymitch Abernathy, Katniss and Peeta's mentor, warns them that the 'show' of their relationship must continue for the rest of their lives to 'make the people forget what the real problems are'. Katniss suggests a public engagement between herself and Peeta, which is carried out and approved by Snow at his mansion in the Capitol, in contrast to the districts, who desperately demand Katniss to speak her true thoughts.

Returning home, Katniss warns Gale of Snow's threat to kill both their families. Peacekeepers crack down on District 12, and Gale is publicly whipped after preventing new Head Peacekeeper Romulus Thread from beating a woman. Katniss tries to stop Thread, consequently driving Haymitch and Peeta into the circumstance. Thread finally stops, though relentingly. Snow observes the event and concludes that 'because of [Katniss], they (the Victors) all think they are invincible'. This, along with the ultimate goal of destroying Katniss's public image as suggested by the new head Gamemaker, Plutarch Heavensbee, sparks an idea. Afterwards, Snow announces that the upcoming 75th Hunger Games, the Third Quarter Quell, will feature tributes selected from previous victors, 'as a reminder that even the strongest of them (the Victors or the past Rebels) cannot overcome the power of the Capitol'. Katniss, now shocked and depressed, still devotes herself to ensuring Peeta's survival, and demands Haymitch's help to do so, which he accepts. At the reaping, Effie Trinket draws Katniss and Haymitch's names, but Peeta immediately volunteers to take Haymitch's place.

As they prepare, Haymitch reveals that all the tributes are angry about being returned to the Games and advises a reluctant Katniss to make allies. In the pre-Games interviews, Katniss wears a wedding dress, as ordered by President Snow, but her stylist Cinna rigs it to transform into a representation of a mockingjay. Peeta announces that he and Katniss have secretly married and are expecting a baby, which causes outrage, and the audience of Capitol citizens begins shouting for the Games to be stopped, to no avail. Just before Katniss enters the arena, Cinna is severely beaten by Peacekeepers, as punishment for the dress, and dragged away as Katniss watches helplessly.

In the Games, Katniss allies with Finnick Odair and the elderly Mags, from District 4. During the bloodbath, Katniss shoots and wounds Gloss, District 1's male tribute, who alongside District 2 tributes Brutus and Enobaria, comprise the Careers. The arena's outer force field shocks Peeta, stopping his heartbeat until Finnick revives him. The group flees from an emerging poisonous fog, and Mags sacrifices herself as to avoid slowing them down. When vicious mandrills attack, Peeta is saved by the unexpected sacrifice of a tribute from District 6. The group escapes to a beach and meets District 3's Wiress and Beetee, and District 7's Johanna Mason. Wiress discovers the arena is designed like a clock with regular hazards each hour. As the team gathers their supplies to wait out the next hazard, the Careers appear and attack the group; Wiress is fatally stabbed by Gloss and Finnick is wounded by Enobaria. Beetee is devastated, Gloss is immediately fatally shot by Katniss, and Johanna strikes Cashmere in the chest with her ax, killing her. Brutus and Enobaria flee and the group escapes as well.

A revenge-seeking Beetee suggests using a coil of wire he retrieved during the bloodbath and a tree struck by lightning every 12 hours (one of the hazards Wiress observed) to electrocute Brutus and Enobaria, thus killing them both. The group separates to prepare the trap. When Johanna and Katniss leave together to bring the coil to the beach, Johanna suddenly strikes Katniss with the coil, stunning her, and cuts the tracker from her arm, destroying it. Katniss is nearly discovered by Brutus and Enobaria, but Johanna chases them off. Katniss returns to the tree and finds an unconscious Beetee with the wire from the tree attached to a makeshift spear, having been electrocuted by the force field. Unable to find Peeta, Katniss almost kills Finnick (believing he killed Peeta, as she heard a cannon, though it was really Peeta fatally stabbing Brutus after observing him kill Chaff, District 11's male tribute), but he reminds her to remember 'who the real enemy is', as Haymitch had advised her prior to the Games. Katniss attaches the remaining wire to an arrow and shoots it into the arena's force field as the lightning hits, causing a power failure that takes down the dome's force field as well as the Capitol's surveillance and the Gamemakers' controls. A stunned Snow summons Plutarch Heavensbee, the head Gamemaker, but he is nowhere to be found. The explosion incapacitates Finnick and Katniss is paralyzed. The arena is destroyed, and a hovercraft enters the arena, which as it begins to burn up in flames, retrieves a barely conscious Katniss. Finnick is also rescued.

Katniss awakens in an aircraft to find Haymitch, Beetee (still unconscious), Finnick, and Heavensbee, the head Gamemaker, who is revealed to be a rebel against Snow from the beginning. He tells her they are bound for District 13, headquarters of the new rebellion that outbursted simultaneous with Katniss destroying the arena, and that half the tributes were aware of the plan to escape with her — the Mockingjay, who symbolizes the revolution. Despite being able to save Finnick, Beetee and Katniss, Haymitch is forced to tell her that Peeta, Johanna and Enobaria (though it is not implied but later confirmed) were kidnapped by the Capitol as they still had their trackers on them. A distraught Katniss is sedated after attacking Haymitch for not keeping his promise. She later awakens to find Gale by her side, who reassures her that her family is safe but tells her that District 12 has been destroyed by the Capitol, killing nearly the entire population. The film ends with a close up of Katniss, as her expression changes from desperation and panic to one of steely resolve and a pair of fiery eyes, determinantly looking at her frightening yet hopeful future.

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