Roswell 1947 Alien Footage - Copy of Original 1947 Footage - Please Share...


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This is the only recorded images of the Roswell, New Mexico, UFO Crash in 1947.
But officially no UFO crash ever happened in Roswell, it was a military "weather balloon" carrying test dummies according to US Army.
Well guys, in this footage, US Military personnel seems to be very much interested in test dummies.
They even carry the dummies on stretchers.... Maybe so as not to hurt them..... :\
Well anyways maybe dummies was not that common stuff for US Military personnel of these days.... And maybe the US Army was employing only dumb personnel at these times.... :\
If you can pause the video at 33. seconds, you'll see that the US Military personnel was not even good at Basic Mathematics!!! They made Dummies with Six (6) fingers !!!! WOW!!!
Means you can't expect correct and truthful answers if ever you made the mistake of questioning them!!! :)
Thank god the future of the planet did not depend on these guys!!!!

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