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Does The Ferrari J50 Look Even Better As A Coupe?
Typically when an automaker comes out with a convertible, it's based on an existing coupe. But that's not always the case, like with the new Ferrari J50.

Revealed yesterday, the J50 is a limited-edition supercar exclusive to Japan where the Prancing Horse marque is celebrating 50 years on the market. Oh, and did we mention that it's singularly gorgeous?

The J50 is based on the 488 Spider, which in turn, of course, is based on the 488 GTB – so it is technically based on a coupe, albeit indirectly. But there isn't a fixed-roof version of the J50 itself, so speculative automotive digital artist Remco of RM Car Design cooked one up to see how it would look. And we dare say that it might look even better with a roof over its head.

That'd hardly be an anomaly, considering the stylistic capacity that a properly executed roofline has in tying an automobile's design together. Just think of the Jaguar F-Type, for example, (or most any other two door) which we'd argue looks better as a coupe than it does as a convertible (as much as we'd be tempted to go for the roadster version). What say you – the fictitious J50 coupe or the real (but elusive) J50 targa?
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