Blood Work (2002) Full Movie With Subtitles


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Watch Blood Work (2002) Full Movie With Subtitles - During a homicide investigation, FBI agent Terry McCaleb goes outside to address the media when he spots the killer in the crowd. But the chase ends after McCaleb suffers a heart attack and only manages to wound the killer.

Now retired, he lives in a houseboat on the Long Beach bay. He has been given a second chance at life by receiving the heart of a murder victim. He is approached by a woman named Graciella Rivers, whose sister, Gloria, was killed during a robbery and asks him to solve the case. It gets personal when McCaleb realizes the victim was the woman whose heart was transplanted into him.

McCaleb defies the advice of his physician, Dr. Bonnie Fox, and sets out to find the killer with the help of his neighbor Buddy Noone, who lives on a houseboat near his, and a local police detective, Jaye Winston. It is revealed that Buddy is the killer that McCaleb has been looking for. Buddy wanted McCaleb out of retirement so that he'll be a hero again. He also reveals that he has kidnapped Graciella and her nephew, which ends in a shootout on a fishing boat. After shooting Buddy, his last words to McCaleb: I saved you. McCaleb starts a new life with Graciella and her nephew.

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