10 REAL Teleportations Caught on Camera


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Do you believe the super natural power of teleportation exists? There have been many cases where people have moved from location to location.

10. In India, a man riding a moped/scooter accidentally rides on to the path of an on coming train which hits him. We see him teleport to safety and comes running in the opposite direction away from the train.

9. Two cars almost collide after an unseen car appears in the path on flowing traffic.

8. A dog teleported behind a car on a highway

7. On live tv, a girl and her friend are talking in the background of a man being interviewed, when one of the girl disappears.

6. A car teleports across two cars

5. A man being chased in Russia is cornered and uses a superpower to vanish

4. A man on a bicycle appears out of nowhere

3. A strange creature is seen running at high speed in the background of two boys who were completely unaware of what was happening.

2. A man wearing a strange foil type cape teleports on to a road way almost causing an accident. He might be a teleporter or a time traveler.

1. A very compelling case of time travel or teleportation, as a man appears in traffic on camera out of nowhere.

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