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Tips for the perfect home theater room

Tips for the perfect home theater room
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Planning a home renovation project for your home in Dubai this season? How about taking something to make room for a private home theater. The way we watch television and movies at home has changed dramatically over the years.

Large screens and sophisticated sound systems are very popular today. If you have used GITEX Shopper 2019 Dubai recently and got a big screen and surround speaker for your home, it’s time to choose one of our home theater room ideas and turn any room into a retro movie lobby.

How to set up the perfect home theatre room?

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There is a big possibility that you are full of choices when you juggle various ideas for home theater spaces. It doesn’t take much effort to turn the empty space in your Dubai home into a fully functional home theater. Follow the installation guidelines for MyBayut home theater space to have your own small cinema at home without spending a fortune.

Find the perfect place for your home theater room

Start by getting a special room to set up a cinema room in your home. Make sure the room you choose is wide enough to accommodate large LEDs and sound systems.

Avoid choosing a room that is too close to the kitchen, dining room, or living room. The hustle and bustle of each room will hinder your movie experience because these areas usually have the most traffic.

Basements are a good choice for home theater spaces

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Basements or other spare rooms are a good choice for this purpose. Make sure the room you choose has enough space to maintain enough distance from the screen for a better view.

If you plan to invest in a projector, remember that it takes a throw distance of 14 feet to produce a 150-inch diagonal image to enjoy visuals like film. Looking for a small home theater room idea? If space is an issue, we recommend choosing a smaller television or a shortcut projector.

Where to place the chair?

You need to do some math to calculate where to place the chair for the ideal point of view. Consider the diagonal size of the screen to get the right number to work on. In general, 40 to 43 inch smart televisions that play or broadcast live Blu-ray movies require a minimum distance of 1.7 meters.

Special speaker for a better cinematic experience

Most smart televisions and HDTVs have a decent built-in sound system but using a special speaker takes your cinematic experience to a new level. One of the most effective home theater room ideas for small spaces is to use soundbars instead of individual speakers.

The speaker bar has a low horizontal profile but has a strong sound. Some slimmer models fit under the screen while others can be mounted as a reinforced base for the screen. Adding smaller speakers that can be attached to the screen is one idea of ​​a decent home theater space with a limited budget.

More room for bass to shake the wall

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Audio enhancements often dominate the best home theater setup ideas. A simple audio upgrade comes from a subwoofer from the special bass speaker class. This audio device is specifically designed for bass that breaks walls. Use the available space well when designing a home theater space for the same sound distribution.

For maximum effect, place the speakers on the floor. One of the main tips for a perfect home theater experience is to avoid installing this box sound system on top of the cabinet, because that will give you a disturbing sound and vibration instead of rumbling.

Limit the lights and sound around for a better experience

A useful tip for the cinema room idea is to limit or eliminate ambient light and sound for a deep film experience. Lights or ambient noise come from other rooms or through windows. Your home theater experience can be hampered if you hear children screaming in the midst of tense scenes from your favorite thriller.

Likewise, bleed light from natural or other light sources kills video angles and projections. One of the most significant home theater room design ideas is to arrange your home theater space in sound and light resistant areas to prevent unnecessary noise and light that interferes with your cinematic adventure.

Get rid of screen glare and bad angles: Kill two birds with one stone

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Nothing ruins the film experience like bad angles and dazzling screens. There is a fairly simple way to get rid of both of your problems. Getting a curved HDTV is a great idea for the perfect home theater setup. This smooth bend in this extraordinary display increases the viewing angle while limiting screen glare.

Some HDTVs allow viewing through extreme angles like left, right or even from above and below. On the other hand, some screens may require dead center positions. So before you take a drill and heavy equipment for a private home theater room, measure the screen space beforehand and arrange the chair based on the right viewpoint if you don’t plan to get a curved HDTV.

Choose the right color and lighting system

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The cinema has excellent light control installed. Even if you have your own set of ideas for home theater space design, be sure to choose the right lighting and color scheme for the room.

Some of the best choices in terms of lighting for home theater systems are rope lights, soffit, recessed lights and dimmers. Soffits can be placed around a ceiling that stretches around the parameters of a home theater and they are often coated with rope lights. Using string lights and dimmers is one of the best home theater room decor ideas for better lighting.

That’s all from our home theater room ideas, tips and tricks. Since we’re talking about a home theater system for watching your favorite movies and shows, why not try combining some home decorating ideas from your favorite TV shows. Home renovations and renovations don’t always mean that you have to dig deep into your pocket to find ideas to work on.