Nintendo Announces Special Reward for Labo Kit Contest

If there’s one thing we all know and love about Nintendo, then it must be the fact that the company really cares about its fan base. Nintendo loves to communicate with its fans on the forums and to deliver all the features, games and software changes that they ask for. A great example of how involved Nintendo gets with its fan base is the latest Lab Kit contest.

Labo Kit Contest

Nintendo started a special contest one month ago where it tasked skilled fans to create musical instruments with the recently launched Labo Kit. The contest has now come to an end and Nintendo announced who are the winners and what prizes they are going to receive.

There is No Limit to Nintendo Labo

We should mention that Nintendo Labo first hit the stores back in April 2018 and that it’s designed to teach children things such as programming and engineering. The kit offers things such as cardboard panels which can be used to create all types of robots and items. To make things even better, Nintendo Labo allows children to use their imagination and build whatever they want.

Zelda Piano

One of the most amazing things to be created with Nintendo Labo is the Zelda Piano. Chris Brazzell is the Nintendo fan who constructed this cool musical device and everyone can check it out in the video down below. Nonetheless, Chris Brazzell says that the invention is built from clay and origami which gives it a special look.

Contest Rewards

Chris Brazzell and the other people who created cool items through Nintendo Labo are going to be rewarded with a cardboard-color Nintendo Switch. This is a special edition of the device and it can’t be purchased from the store which makes it quite valuable for collectors.

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