New iPhone X with Dual SIM Support Launching Exclusively in China

New iPhone X with Dual SIM Support Launching Exclusively in China

Even though Apple has just become the world’s first trillion company after showing its quarterly earnings, there are many important features that its iPhone models lack. Apple is always criticized for not wanting to equip its iPhone models with essential features such as dual SIM support, but things are about to change. A recent leak revealed that one of Apple’s next-generation iPhone models will feature dual SIM support. Unfortunately, most of us are not going to be able to purchase one of the dual SIM iPhone.

iPhone with Dual SIM Support

Samsung, Google, Huawei and all other tech giants have equipped their flagship smartphones with dual SIM support for a couple of years now while Apple decided that iOS fans need to wait a little bit longer until they get this feature. To make things even worse, the latest rumors point towards the fact that Apple will implement this feature on one of its next-generation iPhone models but the device will only ship in China.

Dual SIM iPhone Not Available for Purchase

As all Apple fans already know by now, the Cupertino based tech giant is currently adding the finishing touches to an affordable model of the 6.1-inch iPhone X with an LCD display and this is going to be the model to feature dual SIM support. On the downside, the Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News is calming that the dual SIM iPhone will be exclusive to China.

Chinese Exclusivity

Apple has yet to confirm or deny this rumor. However, China has one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world and therefore, Apple launching the dual SIM iPhone model exclusively in China will not come as a surprise.

Taking control of the Chinese smartphone market is going to help Apple become even bigger in the years to come, but this begs the question, does Apple not care about its US and European customers?

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