How to recover from a tough workout

Forget spending hours in the gym. Your time may actually be better spent recovering.

How to recover from a tough workout

How to recover from a tough workout – Listen up, all you weekend warriors, gym-goers and anyone else that is vaguely interested in working out or getting fitter. If you’re still falling victim to the mindset that pain is gain, I’ve got news for you. Scientists are starting to discover that actively investing in post-workout recovery is just as, if not more, important than the time you spend in the gym. Fitness technology is catching onto this trend and there are many promising products that allow you to bring cutting-edge recovery techniques into your own home.

Why is recovery important?

Your muscles don’t actually grow while you are working out; they grow while resting in between sessions. Exercise is essentially stress, and when you repeatedly stress your body it becomes better adapted to respond to the stimulus.

Working out, specifically weightlifting and body weight exercises, creates micro-tears in your muscles. If you don’t give them adequate time to heal, then the tears grow and your muscles feel inflamed, swollen and exhausted. Not allowing yourself adequate recovery time can lead to decreased performance and even overtraining syndrome. Overtraining syndrome, or OTS, is ugly. It compromises your immune system, makes you feel exhausted and causes chronic joint and muscle pain.

Recovery is super important in the workout process. Not only does it help you avoid all of those negative side effects, but when those micro-tears heal, your muscles grow.

If you’re more into cardio, this still applies. Aerobic exercise, especially running, follows the same progressive overload principle as weightlifting. This is a fancy way of saying that the training programs are also designed to pile an increasing workload onto your body. Then, you recover, and your body adapts to better respond to that stress.


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