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How to hide photos in the gallery application on OnePlus phones

How to hide photos in the gallery application on OnePlus phones
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Too much sensitive information is attached to the smartphone. If you share a house with others, you know the pain of trying to keep everything secret. Photos are definitely one of the things you want to keep for yourself, so OnePlus can do what you want.

1. Update OnePlus Gallery app

Before worrying about hiding personal photos of others, you need to make sure that the OnePlus Gallery app is up to date to ensure that this and future features can be used.

Play Store Link: OnePlus Gallery (free)

2. Hide your photos

Now, open the OnePlus Gallery application on the home screen. Long press on any photo and select any other photos you want to hide. Click on the three-dot menu at the top and select “Hide” and you will see a new pop-up window stating “Hidden Favorites”. Click the “OK” button to confirm your selection and all selected photos will be thrown into the archive.

To access hidden photos at any time, tap the three-dot menu and go to the “Hidden Favorites” option. You should be aware that this is not secure as it does not require any password or biometrics to view it. Therefore, we use the term “hidden” very loosely here, but maybe OnePlus will add some additional security features to future updates to the Gallery app.

Tap the eye icon to restore the hidden photo to its original location in the gallery. |

You should think of this feature as archiving specific photos that you don’t want others to see in the field. You know when you want to share something with someone, their wave ends too far-yes. This can definitely avoid some awkward moments. So use it wisely as it will not take you out of trouble by locking private photos.