How to get free stuff through Microsoft’s rewards program

You can accumulate points and prizes with the Microsoft Rewards program. Here we show you how to get free material by using programs such as Edge and Bing.

How to get free stuff through Microsoft's rewards program

How to get free stuff through Microsoft‘s rewards program : Interested in getting some interesting things for free? The Microsoft Rewards program allows you to accumulate points when you perform certain tasks, such as completing online questionnaires, browsing with Microsoft Edge and searching for items with Microsoft Bing.

In return, you can get gift cards for popular retail stores, get discounts on certain products, win clothes, participate in raffles for more lucrative items and donate to charitable causes. Let’s see how this works.

Microsoft Account

First, you will need a Microsoft account to take advantage of the rewards. If you don’t have one, navigate to the account creation page to set up one. Log in to your account, go to the Microsoft Rewards site and click Join for free at the bottom of the page. It is better to start with the Microsoft Edge browser, since Microsoft gives you points for using Edge.

Get Started

Microsoft welcomes you to its Rewards program with different questionnaires, surveys and other tasks that you can perform to start accumulating points. Each task lists the points you can earn as a reward. Find one that interests you and click on the link that indicates how many points you can earn.

Complete Tasks

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