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How to Decorate With Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year

How to Decorate With Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year
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Trends aren’t always about big and bold distractions – and lately, we can all use a little chaos. If you can do it calmly, consider surrounding yourself in Pantone in 2020: classic blue. This tried-and-true blue gives you the opportunity to invite stability back to your life while staying current. Here are four quick ways to decorate Pantone in 2020 to feel at peace with yourself and your space.

1. Invite Quiet Comfort With Textiles

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Classic blue fits perfectly into comfortable textiles – several other colors capture utmost satisfaction. This is the intimacy you can feel. This calm textile in a nostalgic and soft feel will encourage you to pause for a whole day. After all, that’s basically what is meant by the classic blue: examine yourself to maintain a true sense of well-being.

Style Tip: Picture Pantone’s 2020 year colors in beautiful embroidery from your patterned duvet covers or the soft, sophisticated tufts of your area rugs. For a calm and contemplative appearance, you can enhance your aesthetics with very blue bathroom linen or tables.

Because classic blue is very flexible, the patterns and textures you use will influence your sense of style. Throwing blankets and pillows with a tie or patchwork design, for example, will look much more alive than those in solid or traditional anchored lines.

2. Paint a Peaceful Picture

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Color psychology tells us that blue is a setback for the familiar, and classic Pantone blue is a reminder of a simpler time. This restorative color painting will offer a feeling of intimacy, like you should be there. Imagine crossing the threshold into a room that says: “Hello, old friend.”

Style Tip: Consider painting with Pantone color this year as an accent. You can surround yourself with solace by painting walls, cabinets, built-in bookshelves, or even a kitchen island mat or a bathroom vanity. A metal handle can add a flash of contemporary contrast in this area. If you are renting and need a solution that is not permanent, try removable tiles with classic blue details or room dividers for a touch of flexible trends.

The way you paint in classic blue should vary according to the size and type of space you are using. For example, Pantone colors in 2020 may work better in larger areas, natural lighting so that deep shadows don’t feel dark or very gloomy. You might prefer the classic blue reflective tone in a sanctuary such as the bedroom or workspace to truly appreciate its meditative nature.

3. Settle Into Serenity With Classic Blue Seating

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When we are afraid of being left behind, calling relics from the past makes us feel there is a part of ourselves and the past that we want to hold on to. It bears the importance of history, and value does not always re-create or reprimand your value.

The Pantone color of 2020 has proven its value – it has become a staple. A classic. What decoration is better for sharing that quality than seating, the constant comfort that you rely on to unwind? Classic blue seating can be the perfect way to capture color reliability.

Style Tip: Bring classic blue through sofas, bar stools, dining chairs – even pouf. This type of conversation seating is what we use when we want to connect with each other, so this year’s Pantone color is perfect for increased relaxation and security. The texture of your seat can change the classic blue meaning: You can store things related to soft linen, but easily spoil your taste with elegant velvet or shiny skin.

For small pieces that highlight this hue, a chair or bench with a classic blue accent can be enough when you want to take a moment to yourself read a book or kick your shoes.

4. Embrace Everyday Decorative Accents

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When the classic blue finds its place in your new life, remember that its presence has gained its neutral role. It can quietly be there to complement what you already have, but it is truly selfless and confident that it can be your own favorite. That makes the Pantone color of 2020 a perfect color for decorative accents. You don’t have to get used to the idea of ​​color because you have embraced it, so the classic blue decoration makes it a home anywhere.

Even better news? A small touch of classic blue can be a more affordable approach to dip your toes into the 2020 color trend.

Style Tips: Because classic blue is easy to build, great for focal points like works of art. You can also justify your trendy purchases with functional objects. Ceramics, for example, offer plenty of room to play with Pantone colors in 2020: vases, bowls, planters, cookware, frames. Try the blue hue on the tinted glass of lighting, from the chandelier to the table lamp.