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How to Decorate With an Area Rug Over Carpet

How to Decorate With an Area Rug Over Carpet

Many homeowners coat carpets on carpets to bring color, patterns and creativity to their spaces. Here are some ways to use carpet on carpet that will change the look of your home.

1. Emphasize Fluffy Fibers

Image by greybirchdesigns

If your carpet has a short stack, then a thick carpet area can cover the room with a friendly softness. You can also help luxury rugs to look deeper and softer by covering them with thick rugs. This is a convenient addition to the children’s room or playroom where small children crawl on the floor. In the living room or basement, a layer of warmth and extra cushion is very suitable for when family members lie down to watch a movie together.

2. Pare Down the Padding

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You can add complexity to your standard carpet with natural wave carpeting, flat waves, whether it is made of rough burlap or fine silk. The fresh texture above the nubby loop makes an instant design statement. This graphic contrast creates a much more visually attractive space. This look is best used in a room where you don’t spend a lot of time barefoot, like a study room or home office. This type of room doesn’t need durable carpet fibers, so you can focus 100 percent on style.

3. Lock Down the Layers

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When you decorate with a rug area on the carpet, it is important to make sure your rug is overburdened so that it does not make folds and become a danger of tripping. Thinner rugs don’t tend to pile up and form bumps, but you can also keep your carpet on the rug with thick carpet or furniture. Whatever it is, you value stability when you carry a serving tray full of goods or roll an office chair across a room.

4. Combine Colors and Patterns

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Whether you embrace the pale white Scandinavian trends or you hope to unite the mix of colors, colors and patterns of your existing carpet play an important role in which carpet you should choose. For example, you can make simple things by covering a solid griege rug with a color-patterned carpet area. But if you want a more dramatic design, look for carpet colors with bolder contrasts.

Even if it’s not your favorite, the best way to make a carpet that is stained, worn, or striking in color is the best. Contrast that is too strong will not cover offensive colors or patterns – it will only make it stand out.