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How to add, edit delete and rearrange, your favorite locations in Apple Maps in iOS 13

How to add, edit delete and rearrange, your favorite locations in Apple Maps in iOS 13
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In iOS 13, Apple Maps makes it easier to organize your basic locations on your iPhone, so you can save locations as favorites for a glance.

On the search card, if your contact card has a home and work address, you will see several buttons below the search field, including your home and work address. These buttons are your favorites. Although “Favorites” is not a new feature of iOS itself, it works like this.

If you are new to Maps, or just want to learn about the latest features and redesigned features, we will gradually complete the process of adding favorites, rearranging favorites, editing favorites, and deleting favorites. location.

Add favorite location

You can add a location to your Favorites list in one of three ways: from a contact card (for home and work addresses); by searching the Favorites section on the card; and placing it in a specific location Information card.

1. From your contact card

If you want to see your home and work addresses in the Favorites section, you need to open your contact card, which can be accessed through multiple applications such as Contacts, Phone and Search Come and visit it. Check out our complete guide to changing your home and work address in Apple Maps for more information.

In addition, you can choose your home or work address using the other two options below, which will give you instant access to your contact card for updates. You can set more than one home or work address, and you can see them in Favorites unless you specifically delete them later.

2. From favorites section

On the map, click the Add button (+ icon) in the Favorites section of the search card. Depending on the number of favorites you already have, you may need to swipe left to the end to find it. Alternatively, you can click “View All” on the “Favorites” section and then the plus sign (+) in the bottom right corner.

In the “Add to Favorites” card, you can search for a place or address in the search field, or select any location suggested by Siri in the list below. “Siri Suggestions” combines places you’ve visited, attractions you’ve visited in the past, and popular places nearby. In addition to companies, attractions, and other locations, you can also add bus stops (also add them to the Map Bus widget in Today View).

Click the plus sign (+) next to any suggestion or search result you want to bookmark.

If you add a place in “Favorites” you will see more details including address, tags (“Karaoke” in the screenshot below) and “Share ETA” feature, you can navigate to that contact Contacts are automatically notified when they are in person. If you want to mark your site as “Home” or “Work”, tag it here-you can have multiple home and work addresses.

If you want to change the name of the place shown in the Favorites section, you can change it in the Label field. Just delete the content and rename it.

Click “Finish” to finish adding the location to your favorites, or select “Cancel” if you change your mind about adding the site as a favorite.

3. From information card

When you find a location on the map by searching, browsing the area, or adding a pin, you can click on it to see its info card. On the card, click “Add to Favorites” at the bottom. Note that the “Add to” button near the top of the card is used to add a location to one of your favorites. Therefore, make sure to use the button at the bottom of the card.

Unlike the previous option, you will not see the Details page. Instead, send the location or bus stop to your favorites. To edit it, you can edit it from the Favorites section.

Rearrange your favorite locations

A new feature to rearrange Favorites in iOS 13 is the ability to rearrange them. If you’ve added enough favorites, it’s best to rearrange them so that you can more easily access more important favorites from the search card.

In the “Favorites” section on the search card, click “View All” and then “Edit”. Press and hold the three horizontal line icon next to the location, and drag it up or down. The further you drag it, the more it will appear in the Favorites section of the search card.

Below, you can see Hank’s Pizza, which has moved to the top of the list, and is now to the left, at a glance. The important thing to note is that you cannot reschedule even if you have multiple homes and jobs. The Home and Work favorites will always be at the top, the far left, unless you delete them.

Edit favorite location

In the “Favorites” section on the search card, click “View All” and then “Edit”. Next, in the favorites list, click the information (i) icon next to the location you want to edit. On the Details screen, you can change how the title appears in Favorites through the Label field.

If the address is your home or work address or other editable location, you can click the “contact card” next to it to edit the address on their contact card.

In some cases, you may be able to adjust the position on the map. For example, if your work address points to the main location, but you want it to point to the actual building or the side where the building is actually located. To do this, click on “Determine the location on the map”, then drag the pin to where it should go, then click “Finish”.

You can also change its location type, which is a pictograph that appears on favorites and maps. However, your options here are very limited. You ca n’t do this for your home or work address, and for almost everything else, you can only switch it from its intended type to Home or Work.

You can also “Add people” from the “Details” card to share ETA. If you want to learn more about the shared ETA feature, check out our complete guide.

Finally, you can “Delete Favorites”, which we will discuss further later.

Delete favorite location

If you want to delete a location from your favorites, there are several ways to do it: through the Favorites section or the place ’s info card.

1. From favorites section

In the “Favorites” section of the search card, click “View All”. Now, just swipe left to delete your favorites immediately, or swipe left and click “Delete.” You can also click “Edit”, then the red minus sign (-) next to a location, and then click “Done”, but this is not so fast.

Alternatively, as described in the previous section, you can click the information (i) button next to a location in the list, and then click Edit and Delete Favorites from its details card.

Either way, you can delete any location, including home and work addresses.

2. From information card

When you find a location on the map by searching or browsing the area, you can tap on it to see its info card. On the card, swipe up to see all transactions, then scroll to the bottom. Next, click “Remove from Favorites” to remove the location from the favorites list.