How Bandai Namco are taking on the competition with Soul Calibur VI

How Bandai Namco are taking on the competition with Soul Calibur VI

We’re in a fighting game renaissance that Soul Calibur VI developers Bandai don’t want to miss. We sit down with them to dissect their plans to grab a slice of the action.

Soul Calibur, the famous sword-focused fighter, has been around for quite some time. Soul Edge, the first game in the series, was released in arcades back in 1996. The series has gone through a lot of changes in its more-than 20-year lifespan.

The last mainline game in the series, separate from the free-to-play singleplayer Soul Calibur: Lost Souls, released more than six years ago back in 2012. Now that the latest entries from famous fighting franchises like Marvel vs Capcom, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter V have built global communities, the Soul Calibur team is doing everything they can to join them once again.

“All of our new systems were created with the basis of what’s fundamental to the sword fighting of Soul Calibur,” Soul Calibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo tells us.

A couple of those new systems include reversal edge, soul charge, and lethal hit systems. The reversal edge is a complicated system of rock, paper, scissors with more than eight different options to choose from and requires a bit more thought than the classic decision-making hand game.

“Reversal edge puts both players on equal ground and comes down to that rock, paper, scissors-like decision,” Okubo adds. “And it’s not as clear as it may seem since rock may be the most beneficial to the opponent but also the most obvious.”

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