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Google Chrome Dark Theme in the Works

Google Chrome Dark Theme in the Works

One of the most anticipated updates for Google Chrome is a dark theme, and by the looks of things, Google may be working on such an improvement in the coming versions.

A recent mention on the Chromium Gerrit indicates that macOS may be the first version of Google Chrome that could get a dark theme, though, for the time being, there are no details as to when this could happen.

The dark theme would certainly not arrive in Chrome 70, it seems, but what’s more surprising is that there is no mention of a dark theme for the other versions of the browser.

According to this finding, macOS could be the only platform to get a dark theme, as there’s absolutely no tidbit pointing to a possible update in this regard for Windows, Android, or iOS.

This is surprising, to say the least, especially because a dark theme for Chrome on mobile platforms makes much more sense given the wide adoption of OLED displays. Apple has recently moved to OLED panels, and this year’s iPhone generation includes two different models with such screen tech.

Dark theme on macOS

However, Google focusing on macOS isn’t actually surprising. macOS Mojave comes with a dark theme, and Google Chrome getting such an update basically brings the browser in line with the rest of the operating system.

If this is the case, however, a dark theme for Chrome would make sense on Windows 10, which also comes with a new visual style in this regard.

Google Chrome 71, which is the first version that may introduce a dark theme for the browser, is scheduled to see daylight in December, though there’s still no guarantee that this is the build to bring such improvements.

A dark theme for Chrome mobile, however, could land much sooner, though this is just a guess on our side and everything could change overnight if Google decides otherwise.

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