Five Impressive Crossovers Into the Arrowverse

Five Impressive Crossovers Into the Arrowverse

Crossovers are to fans a special treat that’s almost always anticipated with a big smile when they’re announced. Solo heroes like Arrow and the Flash are great on their own, but unless they’re a part of a team comic then showing up in each other’s comics, or shows in this case, is something that drives the fans wild simply because it doesn’t happen all the time. Despite existing in the same Arrowverse, Arrow and Flash tend to have different enemies either due to the circles they run in, no pun intended, or because of their power sets. Some heroes simply take on a different class of villain because that’s what their power set demands, while others stick close to the ground and handle threats that are more of a terrestrial nature. But every now and then their interests come together, or collide, and the heroes get to experience the desired crossover.

Here are a few of the best crossovers in the Arrowverse.

5. The Flash vs. Arrow

You might think that the Flash would simply run circles around Oliver, especially since he’s got the intelligence to go along with his super speed. But you can’t count Oliver out that easily since the Flash’s emotions had been seriously tweaked by Bivolo and made him begin to take out his rage on Arrow. It wasn’t the fairest of fights, but an angry Flash isn’t necessarily a thinking Flash and after a while Arrow finds a way to neutralize Barry’s speedy attacks and even wears him down. This type of fight in the comics would likely see Arrow somehow outwit his faster ally, but in the show it took Arrow a while to finally neutralize Bivolo’s effects, wearing Barry down without doing any serious harm. Fans might think the Flash would simply mop up on Arrow, but that’s only if he’s in his right mind, and even then it’s not guaranteed.

4. Heroes Join Forces

When Vandal Savage decides to go after Kendra Saunders, Barry figures the best place for her to go is Star City where Barry and his people can hide her. Unfortunately when a winged stranger, Hawkman, abducts Kendra. Eventually they do get her back but the problem of how to deal with Savage becomes something that the heroes have to think about as a weapon that can take care of Savage is something that not a lot of people possess. This crossover brought into play a few different elements that people were excited to see and embraced without really thinking about it as the heroes had to find a way to beat one of their toughest enemies.

3. Invasion!

Anytime one of the Supers ( as in Superman, Supergirl, etc.) is involved then you know things have taken a decidedly big turn for the worst. When an alien race known as the Dominators attempt to invade earth the heroes have to call upon Supergirl for her help as the battle is something of an intense and very fierce engagement that they can’t handle alone. The cousin of Superman is by far one of the more powerful heroes that’s ever been featured in the Arrowverse and is one that might be holding much more prominence now that her own show has been at least successful enough to please the fans.

2. Crisis on Earth-X

As if super villains weren’t enough, villainous versions of superheroes only get worse since Overgirl and Dark Arrow, who hail from Earth-X where the Nazis won the second World War, are the evil dopplegangers of Supergirl and Arrow. The two stage an attack during Barry’s wedding and cause a great deal of chaos that greatly confuses the heroes, but galvanizes them as they realize that they must deal with this new threat. When the battle is truly joined however the heroes find themselves in dire straits as several of them are captured and Supergirl is almost killed in an attempt to steal her heart and give it to Overgirl. It’s a battle of such proportions that it almost needed a movie to explain it fully.

1. Elseworlds

While this crossover hasn’t made it to screen yet it’s bound to be one of the absolute best since it’s supposed to be introducing Batwoman into the Arrowverse as well as the DCEU finally. This is a character that many fans have been waiting patiently on, as she’s an important figure not just for the comics but for the LGBT community as well. Watching her appear during this crossover is going to be something uniquely special for the many fans that have been paying attention to her rise throughout the years.

Crossovers are simply awesome by definition since it grants the viewers more than one hero in a single show and therefore almost guarantees that the villains will be tougher, the action more intense, and the story something that people won’t forget.

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