Apple 6.1” iPhone 9 Rumored to be Much Thicker Than Apple’s 6.5” iPhone X Plus

Apple is anticipated to introduce three new iPhone models for this year. Two of which will be slated for the iPhone X versions while the other would be a cheaper LCD iPhone 9 equipped with a Face recognition system. The Face ID setup presented on the iPhone X is designed to transfer the ecosystem of the Cupertino’s corporeal fingerprint radars into 3D facial charting.

The rumored 6.1 inch LCD iPhone 9 is designed to serve the above-stated objective far better compared to the iPhone X. As of this time, there is a remarkable contrast among the iPhone 9 and the bigger iPhone X Plus 6.5 inch OLED.

The renders for the iPhone 9 and iPhone X Plus that were shown by a source in the past couple of days demonstrates Apple’s continuous design scheme on its smartphone product range.

But the pictures were inadequate to offer a better scrutiny on the variation among the said gadgets. The same source today revealed several 4k renders on the iPhone and iPhone X Plus – providing hints as to their differences.

Credit- via MSP

Rumors say that the iPhone 9 has an LCD layout aside from having a more pricey thicker display technology that enhances both its durability and heftiness. The 4k renders illustrate the contrast on the front portions of the iPhone 9 and the iPhone Xs Plus. This is the outcome of the change that was made on the iPhone 9’s design.

Leaks point to a thicker and denser iPhone 9. Reports have it that the said iPhone is 8.3mm thick, which is heavier than the iPhone X Plus that is 7.7mm thick. Other reports insinuate that Apple might postpone the release of the iPhone 9 because of True Depth issues. But the hi-tech company as always is expected to resolve the glitches without the need to delay the original launch date.

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