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Adobe Photoshop for iPad is getting horrible reviews

Adobe Photoshop for iPad is getting horrible reviews

Adobe recently released Photoshop for iPad but early reviewers have not been kind. Now, the software developers have rushed to defend their product.

Since the program’s release on November 4th, users have been frustrated with the software, leading Adobe’s chief product officer to launch a Twitter defense for the company’s products.

Belsky added in the comments above: “You need to develop new products with customers around the world (not just FOR customers) hidden in the lab.”

This suggests that in the future, Adobe will try to absorb the negative feedback customers have provided so far and adapt the program to a more powerful and satisfying product. More consumer testing may be involved in future releases.

It seems that in the initial build, Adobe’s goal was simplicity and accessibility, but the program lacked demand in many ways.

When released, Adobe’s Pam Clark said: “This is just the beginning of our journey to extend Photoshop to the device, adding to your choice of working with Photoshop. We will be releasing the first version on the iPad, the main work from Photoshop Process starts, , masks and decorations, and more.

“Over time, we’ll learn more about how customers use Photoshop on mobile devices, and we’ll add more features and workflows. With Photoshop on the iPad, you can open and edit PSDs anytime, anywhere. You can use the Move and Touch features to view and edit layered documents and create them with many favorite Photoshop features. Re-imagining touch and mobility with a completely new user experience redesigned for the iPad.

“Photoshop on the iPad seamlessly connects to Photoshop on the desktop through the new integrated cloud document system.”

Looking forward to a quick update. I hope they can solve some of the gaps and frustrations that have angered users so far.