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9 Beautiful Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

9 Beautiful Galley Kitchen Design Ideas
Images By affinitykitchens

Galley kitchens: The curse of the city dwellers. Of course, these powerful features may be fine today, but in the pre-war world, we have become accustomed to using the kitchen for social activities and preparing meals, which can make these equipment-lined corridors a little difficult to find apartments.

But with the huge challenges of space, fashion solutions also bring huge opportunities. We found more than a few galley kitchens, these kitchens let us reconsider our previous disdainful positions. Although some people are just the width of a SMEG refrigerator, the occupants’ share of these hard-working corners exceeds their square-foot style. From luxury textiles to high-gloss hardware, they are all two to three times the size of a kitchen, equivalent to Pinterest, a feat worthy of praise.

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1. Counter Service

It’s all about the repetition. A stately row of gold-toned pendant lights makes a huge impact along this lengthy counter expanse.

2. On A Roll

The endless shopping list is no problem, thanks to the unlimited rolls of meat paper rolls mounted on the wall. Now you don’t need to run back to the store for one thing you somehow forgot again (hey, we can dream, right?).

3. Subway Transfer

Just when we thought we were above the subway tile trend, this shift made us reconsider. Instead of classic white subway tiles with gray grout, this attractive color-blocked kitchen changes the timeless design on its head, using gray subway tiles and white grout instead. And just like that, we return to this view.

4. Light & Airy

Blame it on our recent all-round green kick, but there is something so light and refreshing about this ultra-pale green sage cabinet in a room that is all white.

5. Blue Dream

We have seen many blue cabinets over the last few years, but this Tiffany-esque shade is something new … and we think it might be the next big thing. (We like how designers insert cabinets around historic fireplaces in space too.)

6. Back To Black

Is it just us, or does this matte-black handle look so modern against a dark cabinet? We’ve never seen tone-to-tone look so cool.

7. Star Light, Star Bright

When there isn’t much room to move, use every opportunity you can to draw attention to the top. Although you may not be able to add a vaulted ceiling to your rented apartment (sorry, friends!), Unique lighting fixtures (or three!) Can be very helpful in making the room feel more open.

8. Layer Apparent

We understand – once you start shopping for carpets, it’s hard to stop. Layers of several lightweight woven options to create a cool custom look like this (and switch to your heart’s content).

9. Open Season

Crash top cabinets in your style? Create a more airy atmosphere by removing the door of several cabinet choices to display cookbooks and other important things that are aesthetically pleasing like the occupants of this apartment.