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8 Kids Room Ideas For Your Growing Family

8 Kids Room Ideas For Your Growing Family

Get ready for your bundle of joy with a nursery that’s both practical and personal. By having the essentials ready to go in a space that you love, your little one’s arrival will be more relaxed and exciting. To help, we’ve curated beautiful and functional items for your nursery. Whether you’re decorating for a baby girl or baby boy room, here are 38 nursery room ideas you’ll love. From playmats and bookshelves to murals and wall decor, there’s something here that will make your baby’s room all their own.

To add a personal touch, consider a name plaque or a photo nightlight. Even the smallest elements can bring joy to your day—and your precious moments with baby.

1. Wall Mural

Add special characters to your baby’s room with a mural stretching on the wall. Be it forest view or ocean view, a large painting brings energy to play in space. As babies grow, they can learn about animals or colors on the mural – and appreciate your artwork.

2. Name Decals

Customize the child’s room with the name of your small child. Make a big name decal from paint or washi tape. Hang the letters on the crib or changing table for a personal touch that you enjoy every day.

3. Two-Toned Walls

Paint the bottom of the nursery wall in a different color from the top. The two color design adds depth and personality to the room. When you decorate children’s rooms with art and stuffed animals, enter your chosen paint color for a cohesive look.

4. Map Wall

Gather a map of places that inspire you, whether it’s your home country or the country you want to visit. Pin the map to one wall in the nursery. As the baby grows, he can learn about the world and all of your favorite places.

5. Neutral Tones

The color scheme for nurseries is very neutral. With the main players who are sandy brown and white, the aura is cool and calm. Add accents, like hanging indoor plants and wall decals, for a charming touch.

6. Beach Theme

Looking for nursery ideas that can grow with your little one? Build a beach ensemble. Hang art that shows waves and coastlines. Choose blankets, rugs, and stuffed animals with sea colors, such as yellow sand, pastel blue, and aqua.

7. Padded Crib Rail Cover

Instead of chewing on their baby’s crib, give the baby something safe and soft to chew on when they are teething. Sew the crib guard rails from flannel and cotton. They will be protected from biting wood and paint.

8. Sense Of Adventure

Embed a love of travel and adventure in your little one. Pin the map of the world behind their bed and choose a festive mobile bed, like a hot air balloon. Your baby’s awe will grow every time they enter the room.