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8 Inspiring Living Room Bookshelf Ideas

8 Inspiring Living Room Bookshelf Ideas
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While the term “rackie” may have started circulating on the internet since 2014, as far as we know, this trend has officially reached a perpetual status. (Who can resist the arrangement of books, plants, and artful trinkets when placed casually on sleek bookshelves?) But the latest inspirational space where we are lovingly * a little * places more emphasis on the original purpose of bookshelves – that is, storing books.

Whether you are a greedy reader who spends half of his monthly budget at a local indie bookstore or just someone who appreciates flipping through selected magazines, there’s no denying that a pair of magnificent bookshelves in the living room lend a high, well-appointed. air to your space. And with complete downfall, we can’t think of anything that sounds more comfortable than curling up in your personal home library with a cup of coffee and favorite reading.

Luckily, it doesn’t matter if you are blessed with built-in or just swinging a few IKEA KALLAXes, this design will fill you with the confidence you need to make your living room bookshelves really stand out. (Don’t be surprised if these stacked shelves inspire you to pick up more of your own reading material – don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Here are our most inspiring bookshelf design ideas for the living room.

1. Out In Front

Code breaker, rejoice: this expertly organized shelf shows no reason to stay in the line. Bringing up artwork that is too big in front of the shelf creates interesting fun effects that we like.

2. Roll With It

Blame it on one that was watched too much by “Beauty & The Beast” when we were little, but there is something really daydreaming about the revolving library-style stairs. Take a reclaimed section to add vintage flair to your shelves.

3. Don’t Resist the Pull

If your built-in bookcase includes a lower cupboard, show it off. The tactile skin pull replaces the standard buttons, presenting a more special look for the entire unit.

4. Floating Free

Floating shelves aren’t just for kitchens. Choose an ultra-airy feel by hiring them in the living room – they beautifully balance heavier architectural elements.

5. Dark & Handsome

Who knew the built-in could be so prominent? A little bit of navy paint that is trending to turn these shelves into something really special.

6. Creative Contrasts

Not ready to commit to a full dark blue bookshelf? Choose to just paint the back wall of each shelf to add bold colors that will flatter all your favorite trinkets.

7. Fit To Be Framed

There are two schools of thought when it comes to wall-mounted TVs: one suggests that the TV doesn’t interfere perhaps through various forms of camouflage … but we don’t agree with the opposite approach. Frame your TV with a shelf and let it be the family’s focal point. (Bonus points if you succeed in adding a wicker cabinet to the bottom like the one in this house.)

8. Monochrome Moment

Art inspires life inspires art. If you are fortunate enough to have a really good showcase masterpiece at home, play it – framing it with wall shelves mounted in the same color can increase the impact of an already amazing work.