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8 Bedroom Colors That Make You Wake Up Happier in 2020

8 Bedroom Colors That Make You Wake Up Happier in 2020

We will be the first to admit that getting up early and leaving a comfortable bed is not always attractive, but creating a bedroom that energizes and enhances mood can make it a lot easier. Because color and light effects are our moods, there are compelling reasons for colorful bedrooms. Whether you introduce colors to paint, bedding, or artwork, you will find something to emulate in the beautiful example of a colorful bedroom below (yes, even for readers who don’t like color).

1. Light Lilac

Images By Annie Schlechter

This lavender oasis designed by Cathy Chapman is proof that you can decorate with colors while still being scaled down. Although full of lavender colors, this small corner also radiates calm and serene energy. The key is to stick to the story of the muted pastel colors. In this case, the designer works in the purple spectrum while preserving interesting things with contrasting textures, shapes and finishes.

2. Blush Pink

Images By Francesco Lagnese

If this strange room doesn’t make you blush, we don’t know what will happen. “Very feminine, but very neat,” is the designer Jonathan Berger’s motto to decorate this Brooklyn city house. Berger found Suzani on eBay, while the head of a bed inspired by the Venetians was covered in Nouvelle Orleans, a velvety piece of Clarence House that resembled iron but, of course, much softer to the touch. The antique Ottoman Napoleon III cords coated with Aubusson rugs add to the neat French feel to seal the deal.

3. Lemon Yellow


It is always a good idea to consult with the color wheel at every step of the decoration process. Knowing which colors complement each other will make things easier, from ideas to shopping, and, of course, living in the end result. A good example of a job well done? This gray and yellow bedroom was designed by Juan Carretero. There is no doubt that yellow symbolizes joy, so if you want to spread warmth and energy, this is the color for you. You will love how the brightly striped ceiling brings a more pleasant element to the more traditional living room.

4. Cobalt Blue

Images By Bjorn Wallander

High gloss paint is a surefire way to make bold statements. In this bedroom designed by decorator Alisa Bloom, the rich, liquid finish glows reflect light around a dark room. He used Fine Paints of Delft Blue 4003 Europe in Hollandlac Brilliant to light the whole room.

5. Pale Beige

Images By Nicole Franzen

Who says cream is boring? Reliable, versatile, warm and smooth, it’s one of the best paint colors for bedrooms. Super light taupe colors will contrast only with bright and crisp interiors while also injecting some warmth into the space. It also reminds of long walks on sandy beaches. Add cheerful colors with decorations and pillows.

6. Terracotta

Images By Paul Raeside

Canadian townhouse guest bedrooms exude warmth with terracotta walls. Large works of art and statements help break dark colors. Although brown is not the clearest color of paint when decorating a room, this warm corner is a strong reason for it. The fact that it’s unexpected makes it perfect for anyone who likes to experiment with colors but doesn’t like bright neon and funny pastels.

7. Steel Blue

Images By Felix Forest

“Responding to an unusual Y-shaped floor plan requires a strategy to draw light from all directions to create a variety of changing light experiences: Moody and smooth to the south; bright and open to the east,” explained the designer behind Arent & Pyke. For a moodier bedroom that isn’t too dark, try steel-blue gray like this. And then lighten things up with colorful linen and keep things sleek with bright white ceilings and modern bedside sconces.

8. Deep Marine

Images By Heidi Caillier Design

Heidi Caillier chose dark blue and dark green to marry green, brown and blue tones throughout the room. To prevent it from being swallowed in the dark, he only painted this rich wall of tone to the line of the chair. This contrast also adds to other elements of intrigue.