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7 Ceiling Ideas That Guarantee Double Take

7 Ceiling Ideas That Guarantee Double Take
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Every designer knows that every empty space in the house is an opportunity to flex your decorating muscles. But there is one main area in every home that almost always remains untapped real estate. We, of course, talk about ceiling spaces that are usually left empty, usually hanging above your perfectly decorated room. And while it’s often forgotten, the fifth wall is a key element in any design scheme.

When you have installed a new floor, invested in furniture, and spent hours making bookshelves and tables, it’s time to turn your attention to the top. And before you think about how you’ve blown up your design budget or exceeded design inspiration, we have an idea to make a huge impact – some of which only require one can of paint.

Going forward, 20 statement ceilings guarantee your guests will make a double take each time.

1. Mural Masterpiece

If you think of yourself as Michelangelo, maybe you will be inspired to create your own work from floor to ceiling. This nature-inspired mural is just the inspiration you need to make your own version of the Sistine Chapel.

2. Ceiling Composition

Never underestimate the power of a few paint cans and a ton of creativity. We love how this wall mural extends to the ceiling, drawing attention to the top. Organic sweep produces an attractive composition and the color selection feels just as calm and energetic.

3. Technicolored Tile

You can spend hours putting together brilliantly lit gallery walls, but they all fall flat to the north of your highest frame. This colorful ceiling tile presents the same visual appeal (if not more). Re-create the display with colors that match your current settings, and play with a different layout, as you did with the gallery wall.

4. Contrasting Beams

Some homeowners choose to disguise their exposed beams, but we like how the little house is painted to pop out of the ceiling. The clean black and white color scheme feels super modern and expands the space. You never would have guessed this was just a 360 square foot house.

5. Faux-Texture

The addition of print that induces texture adds a lot of character to a simple space. If you are not a whiz with a brush (honestly, it requires great talent), textured wallpaper will also look like a million dollars. This one mimics the surface of the moon, and it’s really out of this world.

6. A Pop Of Color

If you think of the ceiling as another wall, you will find a way to tie it into the design of the room in a way that feels cohesive and beautiful. We love how accent colors, mustard, are used in this cheerful living room. If you currently have energetic colors floating all over your living room, go ahead and paint with the paint you splashed on the ceiling.

7. Ceiling Mural

Any wall mural can be cool, but this color mural on the ceiling is so unexpected. The intricate design on the ceiling of this bedroom is the focal point, you might not pay attention to the attractive decorations sprinkled around the room.