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6 fantastic outdoor spaces, the reason for Al Fresco dining

Stephen Busken ; DESIGN: Studio Life.Style ; ARCHITECT: Anthony Eckelberry ; STYLING: Brady Tolbert

It is undeniable that outdoor dining is a dream. The words themselves reminiscent of European sidewalk cafes, roof bars in major cities and images of boardwalk restaurants overlooking the ocean. However, if you are lucky enough to have your own outdoor space, you don’t have to go out and enjoy the outdoor food. You only need a table, a chair and the companionship of your friends and family.

However, if you want to improve things a bit, there are a lot of design options to turn a simple outdoor dining area into a real dream space. Is that what we dare to say? It can even rival the most beautiful garden restaurants in the world.

Ready to turn your outdoor space into a dining area worth booking? These 13 stylish outdoor settings are sure to inspire.

1. Built-In Bench Seating

Tim Melideo ; DESIGN: My Studio ID

The owner of the home in the California desert uses built-in benches to use it as the basis for an outdoor dining area. A rustic wooden table, a set of vintage chairs and plenty of black and white pillows complete the space.

2. Moody Matte Black

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: D.L. Rhein

The matte black siding on the Pasadena house itself is amazing, but maintaining the appearance throughout the space makes the impact stronger. The French door is not only painted black, but the simple matte black chair echoes the appearance.

3. Green Oasis

Amy Bartlam; DESIGN: Denham Interior Design

This four-person dining table is hidden in the backyard of this Spanish-style house in Los Angeles. Surrounded by potted green plants, the dining area is almost fantastic.

4. Hanging Lanterns

Tessa Neustadt ; DESIGN: Blackband Design

Although this sturdy, sturdy table may seem too sharp, the addition of a non-slip mat chair makes the area even more welcoming. Lanterns hanging from the trees add a weird feeling to the backyard.

5. Take Cover

Ryan Garvin; DESIGN: Erica Bryen

This open-air dining space may be covered, but technically it is still outside. The owner of the house used the ceiling by installing a gorgeous chandelier, but the two-tone chair was also eye-catching.

6. The More the Merrier

Stephen Busken

The backyard is crowded with seating areas, but it is still full of cohesion. Behind the classic dining table is a conversation area with matching sofas and hanging chairs.