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6 Decorating Ideas for Fresh Fireplaces

6 Decorating Ideas for Fresh Fireplaces

A tastefully designed coat is one of the most important design aspects of the living room. This is often the first thing the eye sees when entering a room. Like the rest of our homes, the way we decorate our coats is a direct reflection of our style.

Want to renew your coat, but not sure where to start? We have come up with a few tips and ideas to get you to a stylish look.

One important element of coat decoration is how you balance objects in space. Symmetry brings your eyes across the coat, which is better for a leaner and simpler approach. For homes with a more classical and conservative aesthetic, this is a popular look. If you prefer a more modern style, vary the height of your accessory to get the appearance that best suits your personality.

You also want to pay attention to the scale so that the pieces of your statement don’t overload space. Play around with various shapes, textures and colors to find the right proportions. You may be surprised at how much you like the look of bold colors or high-cut statements.

Follow these coat decorating ideas as a guide on how to create your new favorite space, but remember the most important tips of all: Stay true to your personal style. Use pieces that you like, designs that you like and aesthetics that suit your home. You can’t go wrong!

1. Add Greenery

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Because fireplaces are generally made of heavy materials and look hard like bricks or stones, they can reduce the appearance of the room if dressed incorrectly. To overcome this, separate the fireplace masculinity from the soft and liquid plant lines.

Green pop completes the range of design styles, while floral arrangements add a more feminine color. Tall grasses are becoming increasingly popular as relatively neutral and gentle plants that add height to attracting attention.

2. Get Artsy

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Whether you are a fine art expert or just love staring at your favorite paintings, the look of art can be a great addition to your coat. You can go for trendy gallery walls, either hanging on a coat or sitting on it. Or, you can make a statement with one large work of art that reflects your taste.

3. Use Mirrors

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Can’t decide artwork? Try a mirror instead. You can find it in almost all shapes and sizes, whether you prefer a mirror statement or a matching two that wraps the coat. Mirrors also help brighten your living room by reflecting light from the window. You can hang it or put it on a coat and lean it against the wall.

4. Try Tech

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Flat screen TVs have reached our coats, and they might be here to stay. If you plan to put the TV on your coat, then attaching it directly to the wall is an aesthetically clean way to do it. If you can, attach a flush to the wall so that it looks less thick. Or, you can hide it behind the cabinet.

For more decorative options, try framing your TV. You still want to add something to the coat itself, but make sure it’s small and don’t mess up space or block the screen.

5. Be Seasonal

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Embrace the season, and not just the season at the end of the year. Add fresh flowers in spring, tall grass or a slow ripe fruit bowl in summer, or a cranberry vase as autumn approaches to keep your coat up-to-date.

6. Switch It Up

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While decorating coats create an important focal point in the living room, it’s also one of the things to be replaced – either seasonally or with trends. A good way to keep yourself from going to despair designs is to collect a few pieces to use together for a fresh look.

For example, you can mix and match items such as candles, vases and other decorative items that are smaller as a hit inspiration. Change your decorations as much as you like – not just around the holidays!