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5 Living Room Decoration Ideas That Extend Space

5 Living Room Decoration Ideas That Extend Space

The guest room is often the first room visitors see when they walk through your front door, and it determines the tone of how guests feel about the rest of your home. Your living room is also a place to entertain friends and relax with family and the design should reflect that.

While making a physically bigger room will involve expensive renovations, there are many ways to make the room look bigger that is easily executed and budget-friendly. Look at the following easy and creative living room decorating ideas.

1. Focus on the Floor

The floor takes a lot of square footage and is therefore one of the most high-impact spaces in your living room. Use a single flooring material, such as wood or carpet, throughout your living room and adjacent rooms to visually expand space and create flow with your design. In the same vein, avoid interrupting the eyes with contrasting floor coverings. Use sofas and cupboards with legs, so the floor fades under furniture rather than stopping suddenly on wooden or fabric walls.

2. Take Advantage of the Walls

The place where walls meet the floor determines the size of the room both physically and visually. You can’t change the location of your wall without a construction crew, but using a living room decor that emphasizes the height of the wall attracts attention and makes the room appear larger. To achieve this, hang floor-length curtains near the ceiling, use tall books to force guests to find or install crown prints.

3. Arrange for Traffic Flow

Uninterrupted movement is a sign of a large space, so arrange your furniture in such a way that it allows everyone to move easily from one area to the next. Determine how someone enters the room and where they are going, such as a sofa or desk chair, then arrange furniture so that people can use the path without obstacles. Be sure to allow enough space to do common tasks in the room, such as opening and closing window shades and reaching for the light switch.

4. Add a Focal Point

Emphasize focus points or accents to distract people from the size of the room. This can be anything, from feature walls to coats, or thick furniture that creates contrast with other walls. Another option is to add a contrasting accessory. Look for objects with a different style than the rest of your decorations. For example, if you mainly rely on traditional works, try something avant-garde like modern art. If you prefer minimalist modern furniture, choose something traditional, such as antique cabinets, as your focal point.

5. Use Mirrors to Reflect Light

Mirror pushes the wall away and reflects light, which makes the room look bigger. Use it in front of your most attractive decorations, such as flowers or rich curtains or windows, to reflect beauty and pleasing to the eye. Avoid using mirrored walls, which can look too retro and change your aesthetics. Instead, rely on one large-frame mirror propped up on the floor, or a group of several small mirrors on the wall.