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5 Ideas for a Home Office Color Scheme

5 Ideas for a Home Office Color Scheme
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When designing a home office, it’s usual to fully focus on what you are going to put in and where everything should go. You might worry about what kind of table you should get, how many chairs you should have, if you need a sofa and how the shelves will work in that space.

These are all important considerations. However, another big part of your home office is the color scheme. The color scheme will determine the look and feel of the space, so it’s important to think about it when you plan or redesign your home office. Below, we will look at a home office color scheme for some inspiration.

1. White Monochrome in a Home Office Color Scheme


If you want your office to look modern, you won’t go wrong with a white monochrome color scheme, like in the photo above. The white monochrome color scheme gives a feeling of open space, making it work well in a home office. Because you might spend so much time there, the last thing you want is the space to feel cramped after a while.

And because white opens space visually, it’s also a strong choice for a small space home office. Also, white has a clean look that tends not to be out of date. If you want something basic and clean, white might just be your choice in a home office color scheme.

2. Rich Wood Neutrals

Image: pics721/Shutterstock

Another option is rich wood and other neutral colors in the home office color scheme. You can see in the photo above how rich wood gives a feeling of luxury. If you want a home office that looks like an executive suite, consider using wood textures on the floor, panels and furniture.

The photo above also shows how well rich wood blends with other neutral tones on carpets and furniture. A nice wooden lining with rich visual texture, like you see on the carpet and chair on the right. Also, small accents such as wrought iron lamps and wall sconces add to the classic appeal.

3. Blue and Neutrals

Image: Artazum/Shutterstock

But another idea for a home office color scheme is to combine neutral and blue colors. You can see in the photo above how it creates a temporary headquarters, meaning it can’t be out of date. The striking black cabinet creates a modern appeal to the exposed white walls and ceiling.

Shades of blue help to complete the space by giving it some color. However, the color is muted gray, so it does not overload space. It also shows that blue can be used with anything. In this case, you might notice how the blue color matches the rich textured carpet and rich piece of wood in the middle of the room.

4. Bright and Colorful

Image: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

If you enjoy a lot of color in a room, you can achieve it without being seen that your office is a child’s bedroom. You can see in the photo above how bright colors combine with a neutral white background. The colors are increasingly pop, while white adds to the modern appeal.

The photo above also shows how you can add color to your home office in an easy way. All you have to do is add some bright parts to some open shelves, such as a picture frame, file box, binder and cactus pot. You basically make one of the monochrome home office color schemes, then coat the colorful objects that are scattered throughout the office.

5. Deep Red


There’s something about deep burgundy that just screams at a home office or study. You often see shadows in the classic library, so it might make a shadow connection with the space where you are ready to focus. Both are thick and down to earth, thus adding a nice sense of balance to a room. There is little that is hated about burgundy in a home office color scheme.

The photo above shows how easy it is to incorporate this color into a home office. Simple accent walls with shade can determine the entire space. Combining burgundy with neutral colors such as shades of white and black makes other elements not compete with the accent wall. A nice touch is the added pink carpet, chairs and curtains, which complement the red wall without making it too strong.