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5 easy steps to make a super smoothie

5 easy steps to make a super smoothie

Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to lose weight and get the nutrients our body needs, but not all smoothies are made the same. While some smoothies may look healthy at first glance, they can actually cause weight gain among other dietary problems.

If you buy smoothies from grocery stores and fast food chains, or make all fruit smoothies, then chances are they are more damaging to your body than good.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to make smoothies that are truly healthy and delicious that will help you lose weight, increase energy, and even make your skin glow and stay young.

Step 1: Forget The Juice

Fruit juices can improve the taste of smoothies and because of that, they are the most commonly used smoothie ingredients, but they are high in sugar and calories. In fact, fruit juices usually have as much or more sugar than soda and other sugary drinks that are generally considered unhealthy. (1)

Instead of sweet fruit juice, try using healthy liquids as a smoothie ingredient if possible. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Coconut Water
  • Almond Milk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Maple Water
  • Aloe Water

Apart from cutting sugar and unneeded calories from your smoothie, this healthy liquid comes with a variety of health benefits on its own. From the skin’s moisturizing properties from aloe vera water to electrolyte-filled coconut water, healthy liquid will start your super smoothie right away!

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Step 2: Go Green

Most of the smoothies available for purchase today are all fruit smoothies. While fruits contain tons of essential vitamins and minerals, they can be high in sugar and even fattening in large quantities.

To avoid this potential problem, try adding fruit and vegetables in the same section. The delicious fruit taste can compensate and mask the delicate taste found in many vegetables and green vegetables. Vegetables will add additional nutrients to your smoothie as well as tons of dietary fiber – very important for healthy digestion and weight loss! (2)

Here are some recommended veggies to start experimenting with:

  • Spinach (an excellent source of antioxidants and fiber)
  • Kale (high in vitamin K and vitamin C)
  • Chard (one of the most nutrient dense greens on the planet)
  • Beets (low in calories, high in nutrients, and supports a healthy heart)
  • Cucumber (hydrating, replenishing, and full of nutrients)
  • Carrots (high in beta-carotene, great for skin and eye health)
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Step 3: Power It Up With Protein

While fruits and vegetables provide almost all the nutrients we need, your smoothie can still lack protein. Enhancing your smoothie with high protein foods or protein powder can make your smoothie from a tasty and nutritious snack to a substitute for filled food.

Replacing your breakfast with a nutrient-dense super smoothie is a great way to start your metabolism and start your day right!

If you don’t have any protein powder on hand, here’s a few high protein foods that go great in smoothies:

  • chia seeds
  • hemp seeds
  • flax seeds
  • almond butter
  • peanut butter
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Step 4: Keep It Smooth

Consistency is the key in terms of diet and weight loss, if you can’t stick to it, then the lost pounds will come back soon. Smoothies make this easy because they are very tasty and refreshing, but the addition of green vegetables like kale can turn your creamy smoothie into a thick, chewy mess if you’re not careful.

Not only are smoothies with chopped vegetables not appetizing, but they can actually be less nutritious. The more smoothie ingredients, the easier and faster our bodies can absorb their nutrients!

If your blender has a problem with green vegetables and other fibrous vegetables, try adding green and liquid first. Blend them at high to break it down as much as possible before adding other ingredients.

If you have a strong blender, you still want to stick to this blender layering guide to make sure your smoothies come out evenly and as smoothly as possible!

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Step 5: Supercharge Your Smoothie With ‘Superfoods’

If you really want to take your smoothie and your health to the next level, then you should try increasing it with super foods! These nutrient-rich and antioxidant foods are usually in powder form, making them very easy to mix into your smoothies.

You can adjust your smoothie to your specific health needs just by adjusting your super food increase! For example, adding matcha powder for antioxidants and increasing metabolism (3) or turmeric for strong anti-inflammatory properties.

These 5 simple steps will turn high-sugar and high-fat smoothies into super smoothies and take your health to the next level. There is no easier or more delicious way to achieve that health goal than with a refreshing supercharged smoothie!

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