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5 Cozy Rustic Living Rooms

5 Cozy Rustic Living Rooms
Images by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

If the thought of rural space transports you to a cabin in the woods, it’s time for you to refresh the eyes of your home decor. Although typical details include exposed beams, raw wood flooring, original bricks, and stone, rustic decor can actually run the whole from the old farmhouse to the slick beach.

In its basic definition, rural refers to a design that is natural, rustic, old and casual – simple with an earthy feel. One of the characteristics of a rural house, whether it is a house or a beach, is the use of natural materials, such as stones, tons of wood, burlap, leather accents, and reclamation objects. Fit with antique furniture (or an antique-inspired pair) with lots of patina and natural materials such as stone and clay to set the scene. Furthermore, the color palette (surprisingly) swings neutral and warm, with earthy tones of brown, gray, green and white.

Up front, 20 rural living rooms that will inspire you to create a space that is so comfortable, you will want to cuddle up on the couch all winter.

1. Floor-To-Ceiling Whitewash

The floor-to-ceiling chalk boards in the living room are a symbol of the countryside, while the open beams give this space a new feel in a more comfortable way. Adding mismatched checkered patterns and fuzzy rugs will make you want to cuddle in blankets all winter.

2. Outside-In

There is no better way to let the natural beauty outside than enhance your space with large windows. Natural light makes open rays, stone fireplaces, and comfortable textures in this space shine.

3. Saving Shiplap

Installing a shiplap is the first step in turning your space into a rural retreat. An overly large clock and vintage-inspired accents give this space the feel of a farmhouse, but the natural wood and steel elements make it very rustic.

4. Dark-Stained Wood

Wood in every color can feel rough, but dark stains make winter written on it. This dark wooden room is decorated with bright colored sofas and throw pillows look better with snowy views outside the large windows.

5. Material Mixing

Exposed wood and original bricks bring tons of warmth. In addition, raw concrete, like this fireplace, feels modern. Combining the three materials together provides a balance between comfortable and contemporary, but feels simple in the countryside.