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10 Pink Bedrooms That Are Totally Grown-Up

10 Pink Bedrooms That Are Totally Grown-Up
Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

As our regular readers know, we here at MyDomaine have a passion for pink interiors – and we don’t try to hide our love for spaces that show reddish tones. In fact, we are still head over heels for the reddish furniture that we see in the living room of this richly colored house and the hot pink rug on the porch of this colorful Portland home. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the following pink bedroom stops us on our tracks as we browse Instagram. Read on to learn how to add one of our favorite colors to your own room, as inspired by the beautiful pink room that we have stored on Instagram.

1. The One With a Tufted Pink Ottoman

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Something felt “off” this summer. Like, really off. Everything I had been doing to keep all my balls in the air didn’t work anymore. No amount of caffeine could kick the drowsiness, I was always feeling nauseated, my skin looked dull and I felt about a decade older than I had just a few months earlier. While a poor diet and lack of exercise had a lot to do with the funk I was in, I had no idea the biggest factor in my body’s breakdown was downtime… the time needed to rebuild, restore, and work through conflicts and issues I was processing subconsciously. After meeting with doctors and a chiropractor, they all said the same thing: get more sleep. I was in their office because I thought I needed a pill or a diagnosis, but in reality, the biggest change I could do for my body was to give myself a bedtime. I put together a little guide for better sleep on the blog today and thought if any group of people could use a reason to get some extra zzz’s it would be you! Let me know what you think and feel free to share your own journey to find better health by getting more rest below. #smartersleep #partner @sleepnumber

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Add an instant Parisian vibe to your room à la Kare Arends of Wit & Delight by placing a tufted pink ottoman at the foot of your bed. Here, the colorful pink rug that perfectly complements the ottoman hue that lies beneath the feet, seamlessly combines a large piece of furniture into the space. Très chic.

2. The One With a Pink Statement Wall

In this minimalist bedroom designed by Jessica Helgerson from Jessica Helgerson’s Interior Design, pink walls steal attention. When paired with a pair of gold-plated sconces, warm wood accents, and a relatively neutral palette of pale blue and fresh white, the pale pink hue looks like a teenager.

3. The One With a Pink Quilt Set

Leave it to Justina Blakeney from Jungalow to make this grandma’s design trend look really cool. In light pink, a blanket set – complete with matching decorative pillows, of course – looks very fresh. Use a bright hue as an anchor color and let it inform the selection of your artwork, as Blakeney did here.

4. The One With Sunset Vibes

With walls slathered in a shade of blush pink and a bed outfitted with burnt orange linens, this dreamy bedroom was designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel exudes sunset vibes. A cane bed frame, a woven rattan pendant, and a vase filled with grass pampas further add to the room’s laid-back, beachy aesthetic.

5. The One With a Dusty Pink Vintage Rug

Take a note of style from Amber Lewis from Amber Interiors and place a vintage rug with a pattern that offers a dusty rose color for an interior designer-approved way to bring pink to the bedroom. Here, pillow-patterned accents and solid colored pillows in complementary colors decorate the bed to complete a neat appearance.

6. The One With a Bright Pink Rug

This bedroom was designed by Ashley Amaral only to show that the right carpet can make a room. In a room with sloping walls where hanging art is not an option, Amaral lays a bright pink carpet to fill the room with colors and patterns. The rest of the room is decorated with a back palette to ensure the carpet stands out.

7. The One With a Pink Duvet Cover

In this room filled with light that was photographed by Monica Wang, a bed with a pale pink blanket looked very beautiful. A colorful patterned carpet consisting of pink, purple and brown adds dimension to the space without making it difficult to have soft colored linen.

8. The One With Pink Flamingo Wallpaper

In this bedroom designed by photographer Caroline Ingraham Lee, an accent wall adorned with flamingo wallpaper doubles as a headboard, proving that an adult pink bedroom can still be fun. Take a page from Lee and hang a mirror on the adjacent wall to reflect the pattern and make the small bedroom look and feel bigger.

9. The One With Light Pink Walls

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There’s a lot of terrible things about a breakup. But my last breakup taught me a lot, lessons I’m trying to pay forward with my new @hgtv show, “Unspouse My House” (TONIGHT AT 9:30 ON HGTV!). One of those lessons is that a breakup presents a silver lining: it’s a time in which you can be totally selfish design-wise, exploring new styles without having to take anyone else’s needs into account. When I moved on from my last relationship I did something kind of scary, I painted my new bedroom ballet pink. I did this for a few reasons: 1) it seemed like something that wouldn’t have been possible in my old relationship 2) I wanted to scare off any guys who might not be secure enough in their masculinity to date a guy with a pink bedroom, and 3) pink is a really beautiful, warm color for a bedroom. Each week on “Unspouse My House,” I reveal design opportunities to homeowners going through a breakup, trying to find a bright spot. Seeing opportunities where before it seemed like there was only loss is a way of showing these people their new life has the potential to be even more beautiful than the old one they shared with their ex. Today, one of my best friends, biggest supporters, and truest loves @em_henderson gave me the opportunity to write about the backstory to “Unspouse My House” on her blog. Head to the link in my profile to read how I turned one of my least favorite life experiences into one of my favorites. AND WATCH MY SHOW TONIGHT THIS EPISODE IS SOOOOOO GOOD!!! Photo @zekeruelas #UnspouseMyHouse #Showlando #HGTV {sources tagged}

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Allow interior designer and HGTV star Orlando Soria to convince you to paint your bedroom ballet. Here, warm and inviting colors instantly brighten into the room while the neutral furniture anchors the space. Note the dark gray velvet, tufted bed frame of the channel, the Roman tan feel, and the rustic wooden bedside table lamp.

10. The One With Bold Pink Wallpaper

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you know that feeling when a group of the people you admire + adore all get together to create something amazing and you feel so proud you don't know what to do with yourself? that's how i felt getting to see @kellygolightly + @fredbaby13's insaaaaane home that is the @christopherkennedyinc compound for @modernism_week. each room is designed by someone fabulous.. like @ohjoy + @murphydeesign, or like @sarahshermansamuel, who did this bedroom. (she's the babe who designed much of @lightlab.. recognize that labia'tastic wallpaper from the #pinkbathwomb???) soooo proud of all of you, friends! your hard work and imaginative excellence inspires me and inspires the world. xo! #modernismweek #psmodsquad

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Make it like Sarah Sherman Samuel and be brave with wallpaper. Here, the marbelized pink pattern provides the perfect backdrop for a truly modern bedroom filled with cute prints. Why did this work? Layers of texture, lots of neutral colors, and a willingness to approach designs with a sense of humor.