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10 ideas for a neutral based kids room

Image: Danielle Sykes Photography
Image: Danielle Sykes Photography

Colored walls are not necessarily your first step when decorating a children’s room.

In fact, we believe that keeping the walls white or grey and adding smaller colors gives you more possibilities to make the children’s room more creative and fun. This way, when they exceed the lime green or Barbie pink wall for three years, you will not need to repaint. believe us.

When looking for a colorful accent, first consider the accent that your child already has. Children’s books and plush toys are usually interesting colors, so place them in a place that can be used as a decoration. Wall decals, bedding and rugs add color and patterns to the children’s room, but can be easily changed as you age.

1. Diamond Removable Wallpaper

Image: DromLiving

This selection of diamond removable wallpaper adds a touch of whimsy, but looks adult enough to re-decorate a growing girl’s room.

2. Scandinavian-Inspired Decals

Image: Urbanology Designs

These white walls have several triangles. Featuring all-black, white and wood tones, this room is youthful with cartoon-inspired accessories. Where can we buy a big cloud pillow for ourselves?

3. Perfectly Patterned

Image: Stewart Interiors

The collected children’s books are mixed with the patterns on the bed to form the cool colors of the rest of the children’s room, creating a young and refined style.

4. Geometric Dreamin

Image: Hide and Sleep Interior Design

The combination of geometry, flying paper tape planes and some gadgets turned this kid’s room into a space of dreams and creation.

5. All About Orange

Image: Artspace Interiors

Some people like foxes, we also like this room. Wood paneling, teepee-style bookshelves and “tenten beds” are highly modern, making this room full of active jokes and outdoor ambience.

6. Simply Beachy

Image: B Interior

If there is an example of the power that emphasizes the accent, that’s it. Throwing blankets and pillows can bring out the colors of tropical prints, and the result is that children can be as quiet as a beach.

7. Room for Three

Image: A! Emotional

When three people are together, the room is better. The platform bed and loft bed save space and look simple, leaving accents such as books and pillows to create a childlike atmosphere.

8. Go for Garland

Image: Create Construction

Grey rooms require pink textiles and a bouquet of female garlands to be the ideal place for growing girls.

9. Butterfly Walls

Image: Laura U Interior Design

Most of the bold wallpaper may be monotonous, but it is still important in the children’s room.

10. 3D Butterfly Collage


A bit overwhelming, but very beautiful. These butterflies stick to the wall like a decal. It means they look good, but they can fall off without fighting.