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10 Gorgeous Green Bedroom Design Ideas

10 Gorgeous Green Bedroom Design Ideas
Images by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Last year, blue reigned supreme – from the darkest colors of an almost black navy, to a very saturated peacock blue herd that began to trend in the kitchen and slowly climbed into the bedroom (and eventually ruled the entire nest). But in 2019, there is a new favorite color that we cannot seem to get from enough – a green bedroom. From deep emerald colors that make use of gem tones that were loved in the past, to silent sage and candy, to the color of the Crayola box that packs the ultimate style punch, we are amazed by the variety of styles that are complemented by this simple, simple hue.

Alternately boho and relaxed, or elegant and well groomed, these green rooms are somehow soothing – just the kind of place we want to bow our heads after a long day. And do we mention the potential benefits of mood enhancement from this nature-inspired shade? One more reason to go to the paint hall this weekend.

1. Muted Jungle Vibes

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I took this photo of my bed in the mirror…you know, as you do ?‍♀️ ? . . I celebrated a birthday and our wedding anniversary this week and every year between restaurants and birthday cake I eat my weight in food ? and I'm sure I heard my jeans crying when I went to put them on yesterday ? . . I ordered two pairs of gym leggings online recently so I was looking forward to trying them on and after 10 minutes of battling with each pair I gave up ? Its a risk you take buying online even when its a well known sports brand but this pair weren't comfy, stretchy or soft like all my others but hard and definitely not stretchy ☹ They were very restrictive and shiny and showed every lump and bump so one word – BIN!!! Ah no I'll give them to one of my girls and that means only one thing. The perils of shopping online aye ?‍♀️ I'll have to go out and physically try on some more ? and we all know how much fun that is ? ? Have a great day everyone xx . . . Bedding by @secretlinenstore . . . #interiorinspiration #interiorwarrior #interior4inspo #bedroomdecor #modernrustic #homesofinstagram #interiordesign #myhouseandhome #apartmenttherapy #interior_magasinet #jungalowstyle #urbanjungle #myhousebeautiful #interiorstyling #interior_delux #howwedwell #pocketofmyhome #homedecorideas #interiors4all #designsponge #cornerofmyhome #plantgang #myhyggehome #apartmenttherapy #mybohoabode #eclecticdecor #nestandthrive #decorcrushing #homeinspiration #bohointeriors

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Heaven Jungalow, a party of one – many plants make this muted sage room feel out of harmony in the tone-to-tone green scheme.

2. Tons of Texture

The green accent wall wall is no less brilliant. Wood trim creates patterns, depth and texture to deep forests of green walls and lends a modern masculine air to space.

3. Schoolhouse Vibes

Pairing black chalkboard walls with green accent walls and green sheets creates an effect reminiscent of our favorite classrooms, but all are adults. We imagined mornings much easier with all of the list making rooms … and the high contrast display of natural orange wood was also a blow.

4. Natural Texture

Terracotta tones pair up beautifully with muted sage to create a desert-inspired look we can’t get … and check other trend boxes with lots of rattan accents and woven.

5. Taste of the Rainbow

Dark green may be the first color that comes to mind for the bedroom, but a more mint-like color can be equally attractive (if not more). By pairing it with trendy foodie colors like mustard and tomatoes, you can create a “flavor” profile that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

6. Luxe Layers

Just because you make accent walls with trims in different directions, doesn’t mean you have to avoid hanging wall art. We love the layered look that is achieved here with the textile art of touch creating contrast, and the task lighting adds a little sparkle.

7. Architectural Features

Do you have a corner or gap that is prominent in the architecture of your room? Highlight more by adding dark green tones in that area alone – it will add a little interest and make the little niche feel more comfortable.

8. Trendsetter Chic

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I have rearranged every space in my home since the divorce with the exception of my bedroom. It was the one room I wanted to change the most due to all of the memories, but the design of the space was also my favorite. I felt so torn, but something had to give because I was tired of feeling unsettled when I would go to bed at night. So, I decided to change the bedding completely with the help of @garnethillpics. I spied the most beautiful emerald green velvet bedding, and I immediately knew it was for me. I bought new white linen sheets as well. I feel like an absolute queen when I sleep here now. The touches of pink and the rich textures make the space feel more feminine and my own. Plus, the comforter is perfect for the upcoming holidays. I’m really glad I didn’t change the design or buy a whole new bed just to free my mind and body of bad memories. Turns out all I needed was velvet. I highly recommend. ? #garnethill #hyggehome #velvet #garnethillpartner PC @rennaihoefer . . . . . #mydomaine #myhousebeautiful #sodomino #abmathome #simplystyleyourspace #myhomeismorethan #jungalowstyle #BHGhome #dsinteriors #HomeWithRue #dwellrooms #vogueliving #apartmenttherapy #SMPliving #BHGstyle #myOKLstyle #interiorinspo #interior123 #mycovetedhome #makehomeyours #ggathome #elledecor

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There are practically no top style trends missing from this bedroom design – seriously, this is like a game “I Spy” for home decor enthusiasts. The ultra-luxe forest green velvet blanket is juxtaposed with nude-toned pillows, natural rattan beds, antique rugs, and of course, peacock color walls. Takeaway: if it talks to you, you can make it work in your space.

9. Picture Rail

Another smart hack for anyone who is worried about committing to a full green forest wall – add trim (or use an existing picture hanger rail) to create a natural border around ⅓ of the road on the wall. Keeping the third hue the same as your ceiling will create a feeling of lightness and space (and that will be one thing that is less important and repaint the time to come).

10. Boho Blue-Green

Want to give your room a good look? An eclectic blend of textiles from faraway regions plays well from the blue-green-gray walls and coordinate bolster pillows. The final touch: a famous Insta factory in wicker baskets complements the bohemian atmosphere.