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Adobe Photoshop for iPad is getting horrible reviews

Adobe recently released Photoshop for iPad but early reviewers have not been kind. Now, the software developers have rushed to defend their product. Since the program’s release on November 4th, users have been frustrated with the software, leading...

How to Take Better Photos with Your iPhone

Your iPhone produces amazing photos, but you can always enhance it. For example, you can control your exposure, spend more time writing before pressing the shutter, and make better use of the tools available to you. In fact, you can take a crash...

How to use GIF as Apple Watch Wallpaper

Wallpapers are a great way to spruce up your Apple Watch. But what is better than a still image? What about your favorite GIF that comes alive every time you lift your wrist? If you are a regular Apple Watch user, you might know the Watch Photos...

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7 Style Small Bedroom Ideas

Call all small space residents! Apartments in big cities, old-fashioned residential layouts and shrinking modern spaces all require the possibility of expanding small homes. If you need to renovate your bedroom but feel...

17 Monochromatic Living Rooms Ideas

17 Monochromatic Living Rooms Ideas

We have lived most of our lives believing that more colors are better in terms of decoration. And while that may be true with some space, we can’t help but think that a monochromatic color palette can be very...

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Nissan Sentra 2020 review

Nissan Sentra 2020 review

Santa Monica, California—If the car did die in the United States, Nissan has yet to get a memo. In 2020, Nissan Sentra is about to reach dealers with the same brand new Versa. Just last year, Nissan refurbished the...


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