Rumors: iOS 11 Release Date, Concept, Features, New Leaks- All You Need to Know


#iOS10 #iOS11Rumors: iOS 11 Release Date, Concept, Features, New Leaks- All You Need to Know : iOS 11: With the release of iOS 10 this month, speculation regarding the next iOS has taken the world by storm. The iOS 11 is likely to release alongside iPhone 8 which is going to be a game changer according to experts. Speculations are that the iOS 11 would be a something the world has been long waiting for. Here we’ll discuss the all glorious upcoming iOS 11.

iOS 11 Release Date

Apple’s iOS 10 was released in September 2016. To recall the beta versions have been floating since it was unveiled in July. This isn’t just the case of iOS 10; Apple has been following this pattern for long. Now following the same pattern we are speculating that the iOS 11 will officially release in September 2017 and the beta versions will be available before that, from around June.

iOS 11 Features

iOS 11 is a long way coming, and as of now we have no official word on Apple OS. The features listed below are probable features, or you can say wishlists.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in the world of technology. There is a huge demand globally for everything related to VR. As we know with iOS 10, Apple has not integrated VR to make the iPhones compatible with virtual reality technology. But we can definitely expect the iOS 11 to come with the technology.

Safer Apple Pay

Apple’s digital wallet Apple Pay is a great marketplace to buy Apple’s latest products. It’s significant to make the wallet hack-proof and error-proof. As we know, hackers have already devised ways to customers’ credit and debit card information from the Apple Pay users. It’s important to feel safe when we are using the service. We only expect the best from Apple and would expect to tighten the security of Apple pay.


If rumours are to be believed, then OS 11 is going is going to be a game changer. A more efficient Siri is obvious. It has now become a part of Mac, and we’d like it to go further, offer more features that’ll make our lives easier and more connected. Siri has now become compatible with only a handful of third party apps. With iOS 11 we’d expect the OS to be compatible with a wide range of apps.

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