Pokemon Go Mewtwo – Still Not Showing Up?

Pokemon Go Mewtwo – Still Not Showing Up?
Pokemon Go Mewtwo – Still Not Showing Up?

Are you still playing Pokemon Go these days? Well, there should be a mix of emotions to know that the Gen. 2 update came and went off like a breeze. However, the much anticipated arrival of another epic figure in the Pokemon universe was not a reality after all.

Accordingly, since the game was released, Mewtwo was not seen ever. In the Gen. 1 Pokemon, Mewtwo was considered a badass. In fact, it would have given players a tough confrontation in Pokemon Red and Blue. Moreover, this character was such an epic figure that is considered impossible to dig his entrance into the Pokemon Go.

Anticipated Coming of Mewtwo

Previously, it was thought that the entrance of Mewtwo needs to be grand on the basis of being one of the final Gen. 1 Pokemon that players need to end their Pokedexes. As you can still recall, among the missing characters are the legendary birds and the one known as Mew.

Perhaps Niantic still has some ideas about a giant group battle at the Pokemon Go game. Among the larger priorities are pick-up fights and trading, but the appearance of Mewtwo might just be as awesome as can be.

Failed Expectations

However, much to the frustrations of avid fans of Pokemon Go, Mewtwo didn’t make any appearance even after the Gen. 2 update, despite the confirmation was hinted from a trailer.

In fact, the original trailer has given a hint that there would be a looming encounter with evil Mewtwo on a big Pokemon Go showdown with the participation of several other players.

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