Skeletons Of At Least 6 People Unearthed In 2,400-Year-Old Tomb In Iraq

Skeletons Of At Least 6 People Unearthed In 2,400-Year-Old Tomb In Iraq
A 2,400-year-old ancient tomb, discovered in northern Iraq by construction workers, has been further excavated by archaeologists to reveal at least six skeletons and a number of artifacts. ( Michael Danti )

A 2,400-year-old tomb in northern Iraq has been excavated by archaeologists led by Michael Danti of Boston University. The tomb was filled with at least six skeletons, but the exact number of the original remains cannot be calculated because they were found in such a disordered state.

Aside from the skeletons, a number of artifacts, such as a bracelet, pair of bronzed earrings, and multitude of potteries, were also found in the tomb. Five of the potteries remained intact and consisted of a big bridge-spouted jar, three pitchers, and a small jar.

The ancient tomb was believed to have been constructed at the tail end of the Achaemenid Empire (550 to 330 B.C.), a Middle East empire invaded by Alexander the Great. One of the artifacts found was a bracelet that had an image of two snake heads, a motif that was popular during the Achaemenid times.

The excavation findings were presented by Kyra Kaercher of the University of Pennsylvania and Katie Downey of Ohio State University in November last year at the American Schools of Oriental Research.

Ancient Tomb Was Reused

According to the archaeologists, the tomb did not belong to royalty: “Based on the ceramics found and the limited amount of metal and other objects, these people were probably from a more modest background.”

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