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Kim Kardashian’s psoriasis spreads to her face following traumatic events

Kim Kardashian’s psoriasis is getting worse that it has spread to the reality star’s face. Her skin condition worsened following a series of distressing events in her life, including the Paris robbery and her Kanye West’s hospitalization.

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star shared her health update on the social media on Jan. 5, Thursday. Kardashian’s psoriasis is something that she inherited from her mother Kris Jenner. She was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease in 2010.

Kardashian’s latest post came a few days after her return to the social media. It could be remembered that she has taken a hiatus from the social media and from the spotlight for nearly three months after the alarming Paris incident in Oct. 2016.

While taking her break from the limelight, her husband was hospitalized due to mental breakdown. Although psoriasis could be triggered by different reasons, Kardashian’s psoriasis could have been caused by stress, according to Daily Mail.

Contrary to her status in Hollywood, Kardashian has never been ashamed to talk about her skin condition. She is also not shy to show it because she believes that it is part of her that should not be hidden.

In August 2016, amidst rumors that Kardashian had butt injections to make it bigger, she admitted that she had butt injections for medical purposes. In a lengthy explanation through her app, as cited by E! News, the “KUWTK” star explained that her injection in the butt was due to her psoriasis.

Kardashian’s psoriasis flares up anytime for various reasons. Accepting her skin condition is something that she has learned since she was diagnosed. Although Kardashian’s psoriasis is her biggest flaw, she admitted that she is not shy to show it.

To manage her psoriasis, Kardashian applies cortisone cream each night. She also follows a strict diet to avoid triggering her skin condition. The “Selfish” author also gets a cortisone injection from time-to-time whenever it turns bad.

Aside from Kardashian’s psoriasis, she is also facing rumors that her marriage is on the rocks. Since she returned to social media, she has been posting photos of her family, contrary to the speculations. Source: Yibada

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