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Justin Bieber sued by neighbor claims that singer is a ‘bully’ who spat on his face

Justin Bieber has gotten into some trouble as of late; amidst noise complaints from his neighbors, and public disturbances such as relieving himself in mop buckets. However, he is now being taken to court after one of his neighbors claims that he acts like a bully when in public.

The Canadian singer, best known for songs such as “Baby” and “One Time,” is sued by Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz. Their experience with the pop star has definitely not been a very good one.

The Schwartz couple claims that Bieber committed assault and battery against Jeffrey after he asked the singer to slow down whilst he was driving his Ferrari sports car around their neighborhood, The Wrap reported.

“Without any provocation or justification, Bieber assaulted and battered Mr. Schwartz by spitting on his face and threatening to kill Mr. Schwartz and kick his ass, the court documents against Bieber read. The Schwartzes also had a number of other complaints against Bieber.

Apparently, Bieber and the Schwartzes were neighbors back in Calabasas, California. However, things between them reached a boiling point when Jeffrey Schwartz first filed a lawsuit against the “One Time” singer in March 2015.

Apparently, Schwartz and Bieber have had many previous altercations, which subsequently lead to Schwartz having to take serious legal action against the singer.

Among his reason for suing Bieber include noisy parties, spitting in his fase, and cursing at his family. Aside from these reason, Schwartz also claims that he has fallen victim to racial prejudice at the hands of Bieber’s bodyguards who call him derogatory phrases such as “Jew boy.”

This has not been the only legal problem Bieber has had to deal with as of late. A copyright lawsuit was filed against Bieber by Devin Copeland, who claimed that the similarities of his original song and Bieber’s “Somebody to Love” were too much and that the latter was merely a copy of his song.

Just recently; however, the $10 million case was dropped with the judge citing that the similarities between the two songs were “modest at best,” according to Pitchfork. Source: Yibada

Watch Justin Bieber’s testimony regarding his bodyguard who allegedly attacked a photographer below:


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