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‘The Incredibles 2’ Rumors: Main Villain is one of the family according to theory

"The Incredibles 2" is set to be directed by Brad Bird. (Photo : Getty Images/David Westing)

While it’s still a full two years away, the sequel to Pixar’s “The Incredibles” is still one of the most awaited films. Set for release in June 21, 2019, the film takes place a full 15 years from 2004. There was also a theory on why Disney/Pixar decided to wait this long before they made the sequel despite the obvious clamor.

The website E Online showcased this theory that was based on a line that Syndrome said to Mr. Incredible: “Too late! 15 years too late!”

That was in reference to the incident 15 years before when Mr. Incredible blew off Syndrome, who was then his biggest fan. For the next 15 years, Syndrome became obsessed with destroying the Incredibles, leading to the moment in the movie where Mr. Incredible is captured and a missile is aimed at his family.

The theory was credited to Tumblr user sophicals who proposed that the next villain could be one of Syndrome’s supporters or relatives who also took 15 years to avenge his implied death.

It’s quite a stretch to think that Disney will also wait a real world 15 years just to align with Syndrome’s line. It is not even obligated to follow the real world timeline to show that 15 years have passed (though they probably will).

Another theory that attempts to predict the antagonist for the anticipated sequel was put forth on MTV with a source being a theory from reddit user Professor_Wonder.

The theory stated that the possible villain could be none other than Dashiell “Dash” Parr, the son of Mr. Incredible gifted with super-speed.

“Professor_Wonder points out how the Parr family’s oldest son ‘is always going to be told to [rein] in his superpower.’ Remember at the end of ‘The Incredibles’ when Bob and Helen Parr had to keep reminding their son to slow down and get his super speed under control?

Kids are impulsive, and teenagers are definitely no better on that front. Growing up, how many times did you do the complete opposite of what your parents wanted you to do?”

The theory has a point and it is also supported by the “positive reinforcement” that Dash got from his father when he pranked his teacher and he was not caught on camera. They state that Dash was given a positive reaction even when he did something negative.

There should be more compelling reasons for Dash to turn bad but this is fair start. If this theory holds, it will only add to the drama and would be a shocking twist for The Incredibles’ avid fans. Source: Yibada


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