2016 In Review: Deciding the best smartphone in 2016

New Year is coming. It is time to look back at performances of big names in technology and their best product of 2016 so far. As known, the smartphone is the most dominant product in 2016 as people use smartphones to access information and interact with people. Here are the best smartphones as listed by ZDNet.

Best overall smartphone

Apple iPhone 7. The look might be the same, but this device is recommended despite its expensive price. The performance is excellent, it is water resistant device, but the battery life is not as good as expected, according to a review. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might have won the title if there had been no problems with battery that caused an explosion.

Best Android smartphone

Google Pixel XL.Verizon said Google Pixel and Pixel XL will have their security upgraded in 2017. The smartphone is praised for its above-average battery life.

Best iOs smartphone

Still Apple. Apple Iphone 7 plus satisfies selfie lovers with its dual camera feature. The battery life is also long-lasting.

Best smartphone surprise

Moto Z Force Droid Edition from Lenovo (which acquired Motorola in 2014). This product surprisingly offers more than Google Pixel XL, with a shatterproof display, water repellant coating, expandable microSD storage, modular design, and handy Moto Actions to boost efficiency.
The acquisition shows a positive impact with upgraded gadgets.

Best Tablet

Apple iPad Pro 9.7. This device is equipped with ultra-fast processor and improved camera. There is also an option to use Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil.
Best Blackberry Device: DTEK 60. People might forget Blackberry as the company decided to stop producing internal hardware. But they worked with TCL to improve their design. Despite its reasonable price (US$ 499), DTEK 60 is worth buying the smartphone of 2016.

Best smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.It is a Bluetooth-connected watch, so you can receive mails, alerts without having to check your smartphone. Even you can make a transaction online!

Best GPS Sportwatch

Garmin Fenix 3 HR. It is a bit costly, but there are some reasons why sports lovers should buy this sports watch. It has three-week life battery, integrated heart rate monitoring, automatic sleep tracking, and so on.

Best Daily Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 2 is undoubtedly the best wristband tracker with improved battery life. It reminds you to stay active, monitor your calorie intake, as stated on the company’s official site. Technology is part of people’s life nowadays and it is interesting to find out the release of new products in 2017. Source: Latinpost


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