Users Complain Google Home Randomly Stops Playing Music

Users Complain Google Home Randomly Stops Playing Music
Google Home randomly stops playing music according to owners(Photo : Flickr/Duncan Hull)

After Amazon presented its stunner ‘Echo’ as a table-top personal digital assistant reality Google unveiled its answer to Amazon with its similar incredible device named ‘Home’. It has already been a month after its uncovering and still there are flooding reports with a discrepancy witnessed on the device since its beginning days.

According to Android Authority, many users of Google Home are reporting since November that the device randomly stops playing music in the middle of playing a song. Till now there is no reason surfaced by the Google authority as to why this unusual issue is taking place.

Google’s support community page has been flooded with the reports of similar trouble witnessed by Google Home users from all around. As per another report by First Post, the problem is specifically seen when a user puts voice commands to play a song or when Google Home is casting from a phone or PC.

Some users reportedly even tried to reboot and reset the device but they didn’t receive any desired result after performing this process. Moreover, many users blamed this issue to be caused by slow or inappropriate internet connectivity.

But many other stressed that they are facing this issue continuously even after having reliable and superlative interconnection or wifi facility. A user even declared this explanation regarding connectivity to be unnecessary and baseless.

The person, who owns both Google Home and Amazon Echo, saw this problem with the same internet connection in Google Home only, while Amazon Echo is running fine and playing song flexibly.

However, Google authorities kept quiet on this matter for a long time now. After getting random reports on this issue, on November 19, 2016, a representative from Google’s end stated: “We’re going to do further research on this matter, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted with the latest updates. Thanks for your patience.” But there are no further comments or updates revealed from Google since then. It seems that users need to wait as long as Google takes any serious step to solve this issue. Source: latinpost


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