Google Taken Down Fake ‘Super Mario Run’ Versions In Play Store

“Super Mario Run” is the current new trend now in the iOS mobile gaming. After the game’s release in the App Store, some unknown developers replicated the game and uploaded it in Google Play Store.

These fake Android versions caused alarm to the gamers and to Nintendo’s developers. It is not just violating the privacy and policy of the company, but it could also cause danger to the Android users’ phone.

According to Updato’s report, one game titled “Mario Run Jumper” was uploaded to the Google Play Store. This game features Mario wearing a sad face, and have unimpressive gameplay and graphics. It is totally incomparable to the original version of Nintendo.

Now, Google has taken action against the knock-off game. CNET reports that a representative from Google told the site that games like “Mario Run Jumper” has been suspended on Play. Google says it’s actively monitoring the store to catch apps that violate its policies.

Another replicate of Nintendo’s “Super Mario Run” has been reportedly taken down by Google. This game titled “Super Plumber Run,” another replica, but with lesser quality. It is not actually surprising to see these fake game versions considering how Nintendo’s newest mobile game has gotten massive response since its launch.

Android users are now warned by the experts of the dangers when downloading “Super Mario Run” APK files from the unauthorized sites. Downloading unknown files can cause malware installation into your device and cause damage.

Also, the experts suggested the Android users wait until the Android version of “Super Mario Run” is officially released. For now, it is impossible to play the game in Android devices, whether it is legally purchased in the App Store or a pirated copy.

Nintendo’s “Super Mario Run” was released on December 15, 2016 exclusively for iOS devices only. Android version of the game will be released soon, the company didn’t announce the exact releasing date, but they promise it will be in mid 2017. Sourcemobilenapps


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