Facebook Slideshow is Coming Soon, Developers Already Testing it for iOS

Facebook Slideshow is Coming Soon, Developers Already Testing it for iOS
Facebook Slideshow is Coming Soon, Developers Already Testing it for iOS

Many Facebook users can’t shoot appealing videos and static photography is quite boring. May be that’s why Apple Memories and Google Movie Assistant were launched to compensate for poor video quality. Next in line is Facebook. The company is all set to launch Facebook Slideshow for iOS users around the world. The app is already in its testing stage.

How does Facebook Slideshow Work?

This June, Facebook launched its ‘Slideshow movie maker’ under ‘Moment’s app for iOS. The feature let you make slideshow consisting of photos, music and video clips. Now, they’re testing it for Android beta app.

The earlier version of Facebook Slideshow was a premade content that could be customized by users. This custom-tailored slideshow used 5 photos or video clips published by a user in last 24 hours. In short, Facebook suggested you to create a slideshow by hitting the ‘Try it’ button.

Even though the slideshow is automatically composed by the site, users were given limited choices in terms of personalization. Though you can add or remove images, but you cannot add more than 5 items at a time.

Also, you can choose only one out of ten predefined themes (music and background appearance) for the video including Night Out, Nostalgic, Playful, Thankful, Birthday, Epic, Bollywood, Amped and Tropical.

Once you create it, you can store it up to 24 hours (like Snapchat Stories) and publish them in chronological narrative. This is how they were able to get at par with Snapchat.

Why did Facebook Introduce this Option?

In last few months, Facebook experienced a drop in personal content sharing. This may be possible due to tough competition by Instagram and Snapchat. Additionally, the news articles started dominating the News Feed. Therefore, to revive the lost interest of the users, they introduced Facebook Slideshow.

Even though we love Snapchat stories, analytics say Facebook Slideshow transitions and movies is something worth watching. Users can transform the eye-catching images into something worthwhile with this feature. It’s worth a try! Source: Therem.org


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